His And Her Marriage Chapter 89

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 89 – Before the group headed downstairs, Alfred asked Roxanne if he could get out of bed in his condition.

As soon as he got the green light, he let Jonathan and the butler hold him and slowly made his way down the stairs.
Roxanne kept her head hung low as she sat at the dining table, trying her best to make herself less visible.

Unfortunately, Frieda seemed to want to make things difficult by intentionally firing questions at Aubree and her every so often.
On account of Alfred, Roxanne answered them all. A while later, the butler’s voice rang out from the door.

“Mr. Farwell.” arvThen, everyone heard Lucian give a brief response in his deep voice
before seeing his tall and lean figure appear in front of them.

“Hello, Old Mr. Queen,” Lucian greeted, his gaze slowly sweeping around the room. When his eyes fell on Roxanne, he couldn’t help but pause a moment.
Roxanne dug her nails into her palms as she held his gaze and nodded at him calmly.

Without further ado, Lucian raised his brows and responded with a small smile. “Take a seat, Lucian. Aubree’s been waiting for you for almost half a day,”
Frieda said warmly, beckoning for him to sit beside Aubree.

Earlier, she had used the excuse of her grandfather wanting to thank Roxanne to get the latter to sit in front of Alfred while she and Jonathan
plopped themselves down beside the doctor. As such, the only seat left was the one next to Aubree.

However, knowing that Lucian had a closer relationship with Alfred than she did, Aubree immediately stood up and gave her seat to him.
That way, Lucian was now beside Alfred and also directly opposite Roxanne.

Upon seeing him sit facing her, Roxanne felt herself tensing up as she slowly lowered her gaze. When dinner started, she quietly tucked into her meal and only spoke when Alfred talked to her. As for Aubree, she was more concerned about Lucian’s attitude toward Roxanne than anything else.

Even when she was getting food for Alfred, she’d check Lucian’s line of sight and frequently talk to him so he wouldn’t focus too much on Roxanne.
Of course, Roxanne was unaware of Aubree’s motives.

All she knew was that their conversation really made them seem like a family, and she couldn’t shake off the uncomfortable feeling stirring inside her. Frieda glanced at Roxanne and was surprised to see her still so calm and composed. Hence, she turned to Aubree and said with a lilt to her voice,

“Aubree, you and Lucian look so much in love! Have you picked a date for your wedding yet? I’m still waiting to be your bridesmaid!”
As soon as those words were out, Roxanne froze in her tracks. Huh? What did she mean by that? Are Lucian and Aubree not married yet?

Aubree, too, felt her smile freezing in place. After all, she hadn’t expected Frieda to bring up the wedding right there and then. Just as she began thinking about how best to change the topic, she felt Alfred’s concerned gaze on them. “That’s right.

The two of you have been together for so many years. Even Estella has grown up too. Isn’t it time to settle down?”
“Yes, you guys should’ve gotten married a long time ago. I don’t even know why you’ve dragged it on until now,” Jonathan teased.

For a moment, everyone had their eyes on Lucian as they waited for his response. However, instead of replying immediately, he merely shot a quick look at thewoman opposite him. Even though it was a brief moment, it hadn’t gone unnoticed by those at the dining table.

Roxanne clenched her fists and managed to suppress her doubts before lifting her gaze to meet Lucian’s. Their eyes met for a fleeting second, and Lucian noticed the indifference on Roxanne’s face. He furrowed his brows, a trace of displeasure in his heart.

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