His And Her Marriage Chapter 75

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 75 – Estella blinked, and her sobs reduced. Still in disbelief, she pursed her lips.
She had heard Lucian talking to her teacher with her own cars, and the two boys were absent from kindergarten that day.

How could there be such a coincidence? Lucian sensed her doubt, which made him feel even more helpless. “There’s
no need for me to lie to you. They didn’t go to school today because they were unwell. You’ll see them tomorrow.”

Estella continued to purse her lips aggrievedly. Suspicion was written all over her face. Lucian was at a loss for what to do. “How should I make you believe me?” Never did he expect Archie and Benny to have such an important place in Estella’s heart.

They were so important to the point that she did not believe his words.Estella hesitated for a moment and let Catalina put her down. She
then picked up a small notebook from the pile of mess and scribbled something while sobbing. Her squiggly writing read: Confirm!

She wanted to hear the boys tell her that they were not expelled and that she would still see them in kindergarten in the future.
Lucian understood what she meant. She wanted to go to Roxanne’s house and confirm with the boys. The thought of it made his head hurt.

Seeing there was no response from Lucian, Estella pursed her lips and gripped her notebook tightly in her hands. She looked as if she was about to
burst into tears again. When Lucian recalled how miserably Estella had cried just now, he relaxedhis brows helplessly and said, “

Okay. I’l l bring you to them now.” Estella froze instantly, blinking to confirm what she had heard. Lucian nodded. She quickly turned around and packed her bag, then carried it on her back and walked toward him, still sniffling since she had cried too hard earlier.

Lucian felt speechless when he saw how fast Estella’s attitude changed. Given no choice, he brought her out to look for Roxanne. Roxanne was having dinner with Archie and Benny when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was Madilyn coming for a free meal, Roxanne opened the door right away.

Her eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the people at the door. “Are you two… Essie, are you here to play with Archie and Benny?” That was
the only possibility she could think of. A tall and slender Lucian stood in front of the door, holding Estella’s hand.

He was only dressed in a shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up. Estella lified her head. Roxanne could not help but wonder if it was the
breeze that caused Estella’s eyes and nose to be red because the latter looked rather pitiful.

When she saw that Roxanne had seen her, all the sadness Estella had been feeling the entire night rose in her heart. She sniffed and pursed her lips,
having the urge to cry again. Lucian noticed the change in his daughter’s behavior. However, he did not know how to answer Roxanne’s question.

What am I supposed to say? My daughter got angry because I told the kindergarten to expel your sons? And now, she insists on confirming the
reason for their absence? He did not find it necessary to bring it up again since he had already dismissed the idea.

At that moment, the atmosphere at the door was rather awkward. Roxanne eyed the pair in front of her who did not seem to have any
intentions of speaking. Feeling puzzled, she lowered her head to look at Estella. “Essie, is something the matter? It’s quite late already.”

Pursing her lips, Estella nodded and broke free from Lucian’s hand. He had no choice but to let her be.
In the next second, tears rolled down Estella’s cheeks again, and she approached Roxanne, extending her arm. Estella wanted a hug.

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