His And Her Marriage Chapter 71

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 71 – Meanwhile, everyone in Pearson Group had been working nonstop because of the virus.

Aubree had been hanging around in the technical department. Every now and then, she would spew some insults. “Mr. Pearson.” Charles’ voice rang out beside her ears. Hearing that, Aubree quickly composed herself and lowered her eyes. “Dad, why are you here?

she greeted the person who had just entered. Samuel Pearson had a serious look on his square face. “What’s going on? Are you guys still not done with the virus?” The manager of the technical department, who had been scolded by Aubree the entire morning, was drenched in a cold sweat.

He nodded while bending over, apologizing, “Mr. Pearson, we’ve really done our best, but this virus is just too powerful. Every time we’re close to cracking it, another difficult problem will appear. It’s like a never-ending,” “So you’re saying you can’t solve it?” Samuel questioned, frowning.

The manager nodded guiltily.“Idiots!” Samuel roared. He then turned around to look at his daughter. “In that case, we can only contact Lucian’s company
right away and ask if they have any solutions.” Farwell Group had many talented employees, and their network system was the best in the world.

On top of that, they had the world’s second-best computer genius working for them. If Farwell Group, too, could not solve Pearson Group’s problem, then the company was done for: “No way!” Aubree rejected it instantly and glanced at the image on the screen with a scowl.

If we get someone from Farwell Group to solve this, then Lucian will definitely see this. I’d be utterly humiliated if that happened. Samuel lectured coldly, “If you’re worried about being humiliated, then why did you mess with people without knowing their background? And now, they’re getting back at you.

Do you know how much our company will lose if this isn’t dealt with right now? Which one is more important now? Your
reputation or the company?”Aubree bit her lip. In the end, she had no choice but to give in.

Samuel shot her a glare and dialed Lucian’s number, asking the latter to send some men over to solve the problem. Upon receiving the news, Lucian merely asked Cayden to pick someone randomly from the technical department and send him to Pearson Group.

The employee sent by Lucian was clearly more skilled than the ones at Pearson Group. The employees of Pearson Group were powerless against the virus for the entire morning, yet Lucian’s employee took only one glance before he started tapping away on the keyboard.

Those who were in the same industry could easily see that the virus had almost been cracked by Farwell Group’s employee.
Meanwhile, Roxanne returned to the study after making sure that Archie and Benny were fine.

Archie returned his gaze to the laptop screen and studied the stock prices. After he studied it for some time, a series of codes appeared on the screen.
“Benny, look!” Archie immediately called out to Benny. Benny’s eyes lit up when he saw the codes that popped on the screen.

It was a program he had designed. When someone had cracked the core sequence of the virus, the window would automatically pop up.
I thought this virus wouldn’t be cracked today. Looks like the other party is a professional.

Benny got more excited at that thought. He took the laptop from Archie and started tapping away on the keyboard, battling against the person on the
other side. Half an hour later, Benny stopped typing. “What is it?” Archie asked in puzzlement. Benny smiled excitedly. “It’s been craoked.”

Hearing that, Archie looked at his brother strangely. “Why are you still smiling so happily?” Benny nodded indifferently.
“That person is really incredible.

That fight with him just now was quite interesting. But I’m sure he’s not from Pearson Group. He’s way stronger than those idiots.”

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