His And Her Marriage Chapter 69

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 69 – Aubre looked up and glanced around the area to find all the computer
screens within her sight had the same image.

The sight made her tremble.

When the employees saw that she had seen the image on the screen, they tiptoed around her and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Some who were curious to see Aubree’s reaction immediately retracted their gazes after meeting her furious eyes.

Aubree swept a gaze across everyone. She then named a few people through gritted teeth and instructed Charles to dismiss them right away.
After that, she returned and scolded the employees of the technical department, “Is this how you work?

How could the company’s system be simply hacked by someone? Besides, so much time has passed, yet none of you solved this. Did I spend this much money to hire all of you to humiliate the company like this? If you can’t resolve this, then get lost!”

The employees had known how nasty Aubree’s temper was and had prepared themselves mentally to be scolded by her.

Hence, they could only seethe in silence as she lashed out at them.
Right then, the manager of the technical department mustered his courage and stepped out to explain, “Ms. Pearson, this virus is really powerful. It has to be created by a famous hacker, at the very least.

We… need more time to crack this.” Aubree shot him a glare. “Settle this as fast as possible! Otherwise, you can pack your things and get lost with them!”
The manager hurriedly nodded in reply and urged his subordinates to get working.

All the employees were suffering. Aubree’s face turned purple with rage as she stared at the two figures on the screen and silently clenched her fists.
How dare this person humiliate me? They’d better not let me find out who they are, or I’ll make their life a living hell.

Early that morning, Roxanne was about to send Archie and Benny to school when she saw Benny walking out of the room while clutching his stomach.

Worried, Roxanne stepped forward to examine him. “What’s wrong?” Benny’s face contorted in pain as he said, “Mommy, my stomach hurts.
Can I not go to school today?”

As soon as he finished, Archie, too, walked out of the room and looked at Roxanne, saying, “Mommy, my stomach’s not feeling well, too.”
Seeing that, Roxanne frowned. “Maybe both of you ate something bad last night. Go in and get some rest. I’ll give your teacher a call.”

Archie and Benny nodded.
When they saw Roxanne leave, their eyes glinted with mischief.

Roxanne was not the slightest bit suspicious of the boys.

After all, they had always been obedient children who never showed any signs of aversion toward kindergarten. Naturally, they would not pretend
to be sick to avoid school.

After ending the call, Roxanne brought the boys some warm water and indigestion pills.

The children did everything they were told.
Roxanne had wanted to go to the research institute. However, she chose to work from home in the end since the children were unwell.

After settling Archie and Benny, Roxanne got up and went into the study.

When the boys heard the study door shut, they were instantly in high spirits and they no longer showed signs of exhaustion from earlier.
Benny switched on the laptop on his bed, smiling happily when he saw that his virus had not been cracked.

“That evil woman must be at the office at this time,” Archie said with certainty while looking at the time.

Benny snorted smugly. “Then she must’ve seen my animation. I bet she’s mad.”

The thought of the evil woman stomping her feet in anger gave them a rush of joy.

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