His And Her Marriage Chapter 67

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 67 – Aubree and Frieda watched as Roxanne’s figure disappeared from the
door. Then, they went over to a window seat and sat down.

“Aubree. what exactly is your deal with that Dr. Jarvis? You seem to know each other, but your relationship isn’t that great?” Frieda queried
cautiously with her eyes pinned on the woman across from her.

Aubree was so livid that she had steam coming out of her ears. “How could our relationship be great? Roxanne Jarvis is Lucian’s ex-wife!”
If it weren’t for her, my marriage to Lucian would’ve been a sure thing ages ago!

Shock flooded Frieda when she heard that. “She’s Lucian’s ex-wife?” It was no secret within their circle that Lucian was once married six years
ago, especially among them who grew up with him.

However, they had also thought that Aubree would be the man’s future wife until he got married out of the blue.
His spouse had never appeared before them, and he had rarely mentioned her outside.

Hence, no one knew that woman’s identity even after they divorced. I never expected it to be her.

The scene whereby Lucian and Roxanne met that night played in Frieda’s mind.
Back then, I naively found it strange that Lucian targeted that woman for no reason yet insisted that I apologize to her. It turns out that such is their

At that thought, she belatedly lamented, “No wonder Lucian defended her that day.” Sharply catching that remark, Aubree demanded coldly, “What are you
saying? Lucian defended her? What was that about?”

Recalling the events that night, Frieda wore an expression of sheer disgruntlement and promptly griped, “It was the night she came knocking
on our door, requesting to treat Grandpa.

I merely made a few skeptical remarks about her since she looks so young and no one knows whether she really has such capabilities, but both Lucian and Essie asked me to apologize to her!”

When Aubree heard that, her heart sank at once. I went to great lengths to guard against her because I was afraid that
Lucian would meet her and even did everything possible to have him change his mind and firm up our marriage. But little did I know that they had actually met without my knowledge! Worse still, Essie knows her and even spoke up for her.

Furthermore, judging from Lucian’s character, the fact that he stood up for her means that he isn’t averse to her!

Panic inexorably deluged Aubree. No, this can’t be happening. She appeared out of nowhere six years ago and snatched Lucian away from me, but this time, I’ll never allow her to mess up my plans again!

After leaving the restaurant, Roxanne got into the car with the iwo boys and headed home straight away.

Archie and Benny were still pondering about the incident earlier.

Although they couldn’t find any fault with the two women’s words, they could distinctly sense their hostility toward their mother and that their
mother seemed to be mad as well.

The two of them exchanged a glance, both feeling rather vexed.
“Who were those two people earlier, Mommy?” Archie asked with a tense expression.

“One of them is a family member of my patient. The other one is probably… Essie’s mother,” Roxanne answered.

Right after she said that, a strange feeling inexplicably welled up within her.

Hearing that, Archie and Benny curled their lips in disdain. Hmph! So it was because of that woman that Daddy abandoned Mommy and didn’t want us anymore. How could she compare to Mommy?

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