His And Her Marriage Chapter 62

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 62 – “Dad, Mom, what are you doing here?” Lucian frowned and asked.

Sonya whined while inspecting her granddaughter, “I had to drag your dad over because I was so worried when I heard my baby girl went
missing this morning. And why didn’t you tell me?”

Lucian did not know how to answer her. “Essie, come. Tell Grandma where have you been?” Sonya was relieved that Estella came home in one piece. She hugged the girl and said, “How could you run away from home just like that? You’re still a little girl.

Grandma is so worried about you. Don’t do this again anymore, okay?”

Aubree echoed, “You can always talk to me if you’re upset. Don’t just run out of the house without telling us! Grandpa and Grandma were so worried about you. So was I! Had you not come home, I would have gone out to look for you!”

Estella did not react much to Sonya’s hug and Aubree’s question, a frigid expression on her face.
Knowing that this kind of atmosphere would make Estella uncomfortable, Lucian walked up to Sonya and took over the child. “Essie was just around the neighborhood. She’s a smart girl, so you don’t need to worry about her.”

Estella flung her arms around Lucian’s neck and buried her head into the crook of his neck.

Sonya’s heart ached for her granddaughter. She turned around and complained to Lucian, “You must have neglected Essie because you’re always busy with work! She wouldn’t have felt lonely had you married someone who could take good care of her. She wouldn’t have run away if someone was here to look after her!”

Upon hearing that, Lucian knitted his brows. He knew Sonya was trying to press him to marry again. He immediately promised, “From now on, I’ll try
to stay home to accompany her during weekends.

I didn’t plan to go out today either, but an emergency cropped up, and I had to make a trip to the office.”

Sonya knew he was trying to play dumb. Instead of beating around the bush, she asked directly, “I don’t want to play mind games with you anymore. When do you plan on marrying Aubree? She waited for you for six years, and you expect her to wait for another six years? Don’t you feel bad for her?”

Aubree held onto Sonya’s arm and looked at Lucian with a faint smile as if she was anticipating a positive answer from him.

That was why she invited Sonya and Elias over today, Vas He’ll have no choice but to talk about our wedding since his parents are here.

Yet, the answer Lucian gave shattered her dream.

“Mom, I’ve been busy lately, and you saw what happened to Essie. She has been quite emotional these days, often running away from home.

Now is just not the right time for me to think about marriage.”

Sonya looked up at Lucian with a scowl and advised him, “All the more reason for you to tie the knot with Aubree! Isn’t it better if she can help you take care of Essie? She has always regarded Essie as her own,”

“Mom!” Lucian interrupted Sonya in a deep voice and reiterated, “I said this is not the right time, and I’ll always put Essie’s first before making any
decision, so stop giving me pressure!”

Aubree’s expression turned grim when she noticed the annoyance on his face. She stepped in to defuse the tension, saying, “It’s all right, Mrs.
Farwell. I can wait. I believe Essie would one day accept me. We’ll give her more time.”

Touched by Aubree’s remark, Sonya gently patted her hand to console her. What a gentle, affectionate child. I don’t understand why Lucian refused to marry her right away.

Estella overheard their conversation and grimaced. I don’t want this evil woman to be my mommy!

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