His And Her Marriage Chapter 60

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 60 –  Lucian was taken aback by the two little boys’ angry reaction and knitted his brows.
They outright reprimanded him, yet somehow, he felt sorry for Archie and Benny. He was even overwhelmed by a pang of guilt.

Roxanne, who was carrying Estella in her arms, was dumbfounded when she heard what her two boys said. She, too, felt a prickly pain in her
heart. Thank God they don’t know the man standing before them is their biological father.

They might be even more upset if they knew the truth… After keeping quiet for a while, Lucian looked away apologetically. “I’m
sorry, but I don’t see you two as bad guys. I feel it’s inappropriate for your mommy to be in contact with her ex-husband.

Your daddy might get upset if he finds out about it.” Roxanne and the two boys froze for a moment when they heard that.
Archie and Benny exchanged glances. Oh, right! Daddy doesn’t know our relationship with him yet!

Benny spoke his mind. “It’s okay! We don’t have a daddy!” The remarks the two boys made kept rendering Roxanne nonplussed.
She wanted to stop her youngest son from spilling the tea, but it was too late.

She could only anxiously wait for Lucian’s response. The man’s eyes narrowed with suspicion. There’s something fishy about
the things he said and the pictures. “What do you mean by you don’t have a daddy? Where’s he?” Lucian could not help but ask.

Benny looked at the confused man and explained, “Daddy didn’t want us anymore. He abandoned Mommy, and he didn’t like us. We grew up living
with Mommy, so we have not seen our daddy before.” Upon hearing that, Lucian frowned and gazed into Roxanne’s eyes.

His eyes flickered with complicated emotions. So all these years, this woman raised these two kids single-handedly? He could not imagine the hardship they had to endure. Besides, the woman had such an impressive résumé when she was abroad.

How on earth did she manage to juggle between the kids and her work? And how could that man abandon them just like this? Damn it!
Roxanne noticed the man was overwhelmed with emotions. She could even predict what he was about to say next.

Before he could say anything, however, Roxanne shut her eyes for a bit to conceal all her emotions and interrupted their convrsation
nonchalantly, “All right. Essie is not crying anymore, so it’s time for you to go home. I should get to work soon, too.”

She then released the little girl and gently stroked her head. “Go home with your daddy, all right? You can always come and visit Archie and
Benny next time.” Pleased with Roxanne’s assurance, the teary-eyed Estella broke into a smile and nodded before returning to her father.

Lucian’s eyes darkened for a second. He decided not to ask further since it was clear that Roxanne did not want to continue the topic.
As the little girl with red-rimmed eyes walked toward him, he rubbed her head quietly and toned down his voice.

“Say goodbye to Ms. Jarvis.” Estella raised her hand and waved Roxanne and the two boys goodbye.
The mother and sons responded with a hand wave.

Lucian bobbed his head and said to Roxanne, “We’re gonna go now.” Before Roxanne could react, Lucian held Estella’s hand, turned around,
and left.

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