His And Her Marriage Chapter 450

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 450 – After hanging up the phone, Roxanne hesitated before driving toward the kindergarten .

The kindergarten ended at five o’clock in the afternoon, and the teachers led the children out of their respective classrooms uniformly,

waiting for their parents to pick them up. Archie and Benny accompanied Estella at the back of the line.

As the boys watche her look at the crowd expectantly, they looked at each other with concerned faces “Look at me, Essie.

I can turn into a bird!” Benny tried to attract Estella’s attention he spoke, he shaped his fingers into the shape of a bird and showed it to Estella.

Alas, Estella merely glanced at his hands absent-mindedly before turning her gaze toward the crowd again. She seemed to be looking for someone.

It could be her imagination, but she could feel Roxanne watching her. However, s couldn’t find her.

When Archie and Benny noticed that Estella didn’t bother to look at them, they weren’t discouraged.

Instead, they still tried their best to cheer Estella up. Even when Lucian arrived to pick Estella up, the girl was still looking for Roxanne the crowd.

Looking at Estella’s actions, Lucian couldn’t help but frown. He knew who Estella was looking for, but that was the first time he saw her this persistent.

“Ms. Jarvis…” Estella grabbed onto Lucian’s hand and followed him to the car whil her eyes were still scanning the crowd for Roxanne.

When he heard Estella’s voice, Lucian stopped walking and bent over to look at th little girl’s face. “Essie, Ms. Jarvis isn’t here.”

Estella pouted and shook her head while wearing a serious expression. “She’s here She could clearly feel Roxanne watching her.

Lucian frowned and looked around the crowd with suspicion. However, there was no sign of Roxanne.

“I looked. Ms. Jarvis didn’t come. Let’s go home,” Lucian explained to Estella patiently. However, Estella stubbornly refused to get in the car.

Lucian had no idea what to do, so he could only hold her hand and wait next to her by the car.

At the same time, Roxanne was standing in the corner. Her heart was thumping wildly.

In the past few days, Archie and Benny wouldn’t stop talking about Estella, and she couldn’t help but worry.

Hence, she decided to come over and take a look at Estella from a secluded corner. Unexpectedly, Estella seemed to have noticed her.

After searching through the crowd for some time, their eyes nearly met a few times. Fortunately,

Roxanne reacted quickly enough to prevent the girl from spotting her. Moreover, she almost got discovered by Lucian.

Luckily, Lysa arrived in time to pick Archie and Benny up. “Ms. Lane is here.” When Lucian saw Lysa, his expression turned grim, and he looked down toward Estella next to him.

Estella pursed her lips unhappily. She glanced around the crowd for the last time before slowly getting into the car.

When Lucian’s car slowly drove away, Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief and returned to her own car.

Lysa brought Archie and Benny to the side of the road to wave down a taxi, but Roxanne’s car stopped before them as soon as they arrived at the curb.

“Mommy!” Archie and Benny jumped in excitement. Roxanne smiled at them and got out of the car, wanting to help them into the car.

However, the boys stopped smiling and looked in the direction where Lucian’s car went.

ommy is finally here to pick us up, but Essie didn’t get to see her. Looking at their behavior, Roxanne could roughly guess their thoughts.

She saw how hard the boys tried to cheer Estella up and immediately felt mixed feelings in her heart

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