His And Her Marriage Chapter 421

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 421 – Right at that moment, no one could listen to the announcement through the speakers anymore.

The planc crupied into chaos, with wails and screains sounding from every part of the plane.

There were even some passengers demanding answers to their questions, It was Roxanne’s first time experiencing such a situation as well.

Although she felt uneasy, she still managed to calm herself down.

Yet as she listened to what was going on around her, the uneasy feeling in her heart seemed to have grown stronger.

The airplane was still experiencing turbulence. Suddenly, someone cried out, “My kids are waiting for me at home.”

Roxanne clearly heard that sentence. Her eyes widened, and the restlessness in her heart seemed to have increased greatly.

My kids… Archie and Benny are still waiting for me at home. Roxanne was already selfish enough to keep their family background a secret.

She could not bear to think what would happen to them if something were to happen to her.

The moment she imagined her two children ending up alone if something happened to her, her face turned as pale as a sheet.

She started breathing heavily, unable to catch her breath because of her anxiety.

Just when she felt she was about to pass out, a large hand tightly grabbed onto hers.

Roxanne barely regained some of her senses and heard Lucian’s deep voice sounding next to her ear. “Don’t worry. It’s just turbulence.

It’ll be over soon.” His voice seemed to have some sort of magical power, for Roxanne was able to breathe normally again after listening to him,

although her body was still trembling. When Lucian noticed Roxanne’s nervous and anxious look, the anger in his heart long dissipated.

On the contrary, his heart ached for her. “I’m right here. Nothing will happen to us. Don’t be afraid,” Lucian comforted her.

Roxanne nodded absentmindedly as she looked at the economy cabin. “Archie… Benny…” she muttered.

Lucian had to focus in order to hear what she was saying. Roxanne was already so afraid, yet she was still thinking of her two children at home.

Al that moment, Lucian’s resentment toward Archie and Benny’s biological father increased greatly.

How can he call himself a man when he left his wife to raise their kids alone?

Despite his anger, he said in a low voice, “Archie and Benny are obediently waiting for you back home. You will return safely, so stop overthinking.

Take deep breaths and relax.” Roxanne was trying very hard to do as he said, but her body seemed to be out of her control.

The other passengers did not even listen to the flight attendant’s advice. It was madness out there, and Roxanne was greatly affected by it.

Lucian looked toward where Roxanne was gazing and realized the reason for her sudden fear. His eyes darkened.

In a soft voice, he said, “Don’t listen to them. Listen to me. Turbulence isn’t a big problem, and we will be fine.

They’re scared because they haven’t experienced it before. They also don’t understand.”

Roxanne’s attention was slowly drawn away from the chaotic mess in the economy cabin. The loud noises soon faded as well.

Lucian sighed in relief when he saw that Roxanne was calming down.

As it was still a mess outside, he could only continue talking to Roxanne while holding her hand tightly to give her strength.

Slowly, Roxanne started to tighten her own grip around his hand. Sensing the sudden force, Lucian, too, tightened his grip around her hand.

Roxanne seemed to be terrified and had grabbed onto him to release the fear in her heart, and Lucian allowed her to do just that.

He was also waiting for her reaction in anticipation when she came to her senses and realized that they had been holding hands all this while.

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