His And Her Marriage Chapter 410

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 410 – Hearing that, Roxanne’s expression froze.

She then pursed her lips and kept mum throughout the entire journey. The car then slowly came to a halt at the entrance of Blossom Hotel.

When they arrived, it seemed like the banquet had already started because there were a bunch of luxurious cars parked in front of the hotel.

Seeing that, Roxanne grew anxious, and she wanted to rush into the hotel after getting out of the car.

With a frown, Lucian asked coldly, “Is this how you show your gratitude, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne halted in her tracks and turned toward him with a puzzled look. After some hesitation, she said, “Thank you, Mr. Farwell.”

With that, she turned around to leave. In a sarcastic tone, Lucian asked again, “That’s all, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne was feeling anxious and helpless at the same time. However, she maintained her composure and answered,

“What would you like me to do, Mr. Farwell? I don’t have the time to treat you to a cup of coffee now.”

The last time Lucian did her a favor, she showed her appreciation by treating him to a cup of coffee.

Obviously, she didn’t have the time for that. Lucian flashed an ambiguous smile and walked toward her.

“What I want will not take up any of your time. It’s just that I need a female partner for the banquet. If you don’t mind, please accompany me, Ms. Jarvis.”

Hearing that, Roxanne pursed her lips and furrowed her brows without saying a word in response.

If I accept his request, the others will surely misunderstand our relationship. However, I know Lucian well enough to know that if I don‘t do as he says,

he‘s not going to let me off the hook so easily. Besides, even if I were to reject him,

he‘s still going to make the others think we are involved with each other. I might as well just accept his request and lay out some ground rules.

At that thought, Roxanne agreed to his request nonchalantly. When Lucian reached out his arm to lead her in, she ignored his gesture,

In response, Lucian smiled and let her be. Hence, the iwo of them walked into the hotel side by side.

The banquet was held on the second floor. Wher they entered the place, everyone’s gazes fell on them at once.

That evening, one of them was dressed in white while the other one was dressed in black.

Although they didn’t act intimately with each other, everyone seemed to feel as if they were a match made in heaven.

Just like that, they walked toward the center of the event with everyone’s gazes fixated on them.

Roxanne endured the weird looks the attendees were giving her and swept a glance at everyone there. Luckily, I don‘t see anyone from Horington.

She then heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. Still, she tried to distance herself from Lucian when they were walking together.

Lucian knew what she was doing, so in response, he purposely did the exact opposite.

Roxanne couldn’t help but stop walking before flashing a forced smile at him. “You have to socialize with the others, right, Mr. Farwell?

I shall stay out of your way.” With that, she slightly nodded at Lucian and walked in the opposite direction.

Lucian’s gaze darkened when he saw her making an escape. He didn’t stop her because he didn’t expect her to comply with his demand in the first place.

He only asked Roxanne to be his female partner bn a whim, and he didn’t now she would end up agreeing to it.

Could it be because we‘re not in Harington? With that in mind, Lucian flashed a self-deprecațing smile.

Meanwhile, Roxanne walked away and arrived at a corner. She then raised her gaze and tried to spot Gerald in the crowd.

Right then, a familiar voice rang out. “Roxanne, are you and Mr. Farwell…” As one of the leading figures of the younger generation,

Larry was also invited by Ziegler Group. Since he was ree at that time, he decided to attend the banquet.

However, he was rather surprised to see Roxanne there. He was even more surprised to see her attending the banquet with Lucian.

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