His And Her Marriage Chapter 406

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 406 – Meanwhile, despite being in lorington, Jonathan had also received an invitation from Jasper.

Since Jonathan was busy with Queen Group, he couldn’t altend the banquet.

However, he thought of Lucian and guessed that Lucian would be interested in attending. After getting off the phone with Jasper.

Jonathan called Lucian right away. The moment the call went through, Lucian asked, “Is Roxanne here already?”

Hearing that. Jonathan froze momentarily. He then smiled playfully and answered, “She is.

Besides, Dr. Jarvis’ potenual business partner in Suinmerbank had invited her to the banquet, and she had agreed to attend.”

Upon hearing thai, Lucian furrowed his brows slightly and answered in a deep voice, “Got it.”

With that, he hung up the phone before Jonathan could say anything. A teasing smile appeared on Jonathan’s face as his phone’s screen dimmed.

Although Lucian didn’t say it out loud, he knew Lucian was surely going to be at the banquet.

In Summerbank, someone knocked on Lucian’s door after he hung up the phone.

Farwell Group’s business partner in Summerbank walked in with a smile on his face. “Mr. Farwell, would you like to go through our contract?”

he asked. Lucian’s business partners in Summerbank felt rather helpless because they were the ones who nouced the mistakes made by Farwell Group in the first place. Hence, they thought they could take advantage of it.

However, they didn’t expect Lucian to show up personally.

Not only did they fail to take advantage of the mistakes made, but they ended up facing countless requests from Lucian.

Ulumately, they almost lost the chance to work with Farwell Group.

Throughout the past couple of days, Lucian had been cooperative, but he remained dubious about working with them.

Hence, the person in charge took the initiative and humbly altered all the terms in the contract to Lucian’s request.

However, they sull couldn’t get Lucian to sign the contract. At the same ume, they weren’t willing to lose Farwell Group as a business partner,

Even if they were to not make a profit out of the deal, they were certain that they could improve the company’s reputauon based solely on the fact that they had worked together with Farwell Group.

Despite Lucian’s allitude toward the deal, they were glad that he hadn’t rejected them yet.

In other words, there was sulla chance for the deal to go through. With the slimmest of hope in their minds,

the person in charge of the project had been consulting Lucian on a daily basis to gauge his opinions.

That day, Lucian had one of his hands in his pocket, and he was looking down at the person in charge.

The person-in-charge hung his head low, and he seemed to be cautious of is own actions.

person Although he sull hadn’t gotten an answer from Lucian, the person in charge didn’t dare to rush him.

“From what I heard, your company is quite prominent in Summerbank, right?” Lucian asked. The person in charge answered hurriedly, “

Our company is ranked first in the industry we’re involved in.”

With that, he looked at Lucian warily because he was worried that Lucian had found another business partner to work with.

In response, Lucian nodded in satisfaction and said, “I heard that Ziegler Group is organizing a banquet tonight.

Is your company going to attend?” Upon hearing that, the person in charge answered subconsciously, “

Um… Our company isn’t involved in the pharmaceutical industry, so Ziegler Group didn’t invite us.”

As soon as he finished the sentence, he could feel Lucian looking at him doubtfully.

The person-in-charge immediately regained his senses, and he ultered,

“That being said, I’m sure Ziegler Group would invite us if we were to ask them about it.”

Lucian nodded. “Get your boss to show up with the contract tonight.”

In other words, Lucian had agreed to sign the contract with them during the banquet.

That left the person-in-charge all thrilled. He quickly agreed to the request and went back to inform the higher-ups about Lucian’s demand.

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