His And Her Marriage Chapter 398

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 398 – Dead silence reigned in the car.

One could sense that the atmosphere was entirely different from when Jonathan was present earlier, giving off a sense of an impending storm.

Roxanne was sitting straight, her gaze trained right ahead. She tried her best to ignore the man beside her.

She wasn’t sure whether she was imagining things, but his piercing gaze seemingly locked on her since Jonathan alighted from the car.

It had her tensing up subconsciously. All of a sudden, Lucian’s voice rang out beside her. “Have I offended you in any way, Ms. Jarvis?”

Relief suffused Roxanne when she heard his voice. She flashed him a detached smile. “Why would you say that, Mr. Farwell?”

Lucian eyed her with a dark look, his voice threaded with displeasure. “If that’s not the case, why are you avoiding me thus, Ms. Jarvis?”.

Frowning slightly, Roxanne feigned ignorance. “When have I avoided you, Mr. Farwell?

Precisely speaking, I don’t have much of a chance to meet you since our work doesn’t intersect.”

In other words, they didn’t have a personal relationship besides a professional association. ISirona In fact, they even had no interaction at work.

They had no opportunity to meet anyway, so avoiding him made no sense. The moment her words rang out, the temperature in the car plummeted.

While driving, Cayden cautiously stole a peek at the two people at the back through the rearview mirror. Inwardly, he worried on Roxanne’s behalf.

Why is Ms. Jarvis provoking Mr. Farwell when she knows full well that he‘s in a bad mood now?

As he was fretting, he noticed Lucian lowering the partition in the back seat.

He silently retracted his gaze, not daring to observe the situation in the back anymore.

When Roxanne saw Lucian lowering the partition without warning, her heart lurched.

She instinctively twisted sideways and plastered her back against the car window to put some distance between them.

Glimpsing that, Lucian narrowed his eyes in chagrin and questioned icily,

“Roxanne Jarvis, why are you shying away from me in such a manner How when you said I hadn’t offended you in any way?

Are you afraid that I’d bite?” A frown marred Roxanne’s countenance, and fainht wariness showed in her eyes.

In a distant tone, she explained, “I merely feel that we’re not that close with each other, and your action was rather: sudden to me, Mr. Farwell.”

At the sight of her wary expression, Lucian smirked scornfully. “What do you think I’m planning to do?”

Roxanne said nothing, but their kiss at the hotel when they first bumped into each other after her return to the country flashed across her mind.

That was the only time he took the initiative with me since we got acquainted. Alas, it was when I no longer needed it.

The current situation was inexplicably similar to the circumstances back then. Lucian stared at her with a dark look, a storm brewing in his eyes.

Ever since we parted ways at the café back then, she had been avoiding me.

That aside, she even had her housekeeper send Archie and Benny to the kindergarten and pick them up.

It‘s only today that I‘ve got a chance to see her again, thanks to Jonathan making up an excuse.

But she has been distancing herself from me the entire night, unwilling to even utter a single word to me!

He initially thought he could understand her thoughts, but he merely felt livid after seeing her for real and experiencing her treatment of him.

His plan had been to vent by drinking, but the alcohol coursing through his veins was only fanning the flames within him.

Roxanne could distinctly sense the oppressiveness in the car intensifying.

Her hands by her side unconsciously balled into fists, her nails digging into her palms as she forcefully suppressed the panic within her

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