His And Her Marriage Chapter 396

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 396 – “Mr. Farwell?”

When Cayden saw his employer walking over with Roxanne, he subconsciously presumed that the latter would be getting into their car.

unexpectedly, he saw her getting into the car with Jonathan while Lucian stood outside. After a moment, he decided to call out to the man cautiously.

His brows furrowing slightly, Lucian bent down and climbed into the car. Cayden slowly started the car and drove out of the parking lot.

Meanwhile, in the adjacent car, Jonathan asked Roxanne for her address and ordered the driver to drop her home first.

In response, the driver murmured an acknowledgment. He moved to start the car, but it simply wouldn‘t start.

It still didn‘t work after multiple tries. “The car seems to have broken down, Mr. Queen,” the driver reported helplessly.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan imperceptibly swept his gaze over Roxanne beside him. He wore a grim expression. “It was just fine when we came over.

Why did it suddenly break down?” A conflicted expression manifested on the driver‘s face. “Uh… I haven‘t been driving this car much.

I didn‘t take it for maintenance either, so I don‘t know what happened.

How about you wait here for a while, and I‘ll go back and retrieve another car before coming back to pick you up?

Following that, Jonathan turned to Roxanne to seek her opinion. Roxanne similarly didn‘t expect such an incident.

When she heard that the driver had to go to such trouble, she wavered for a while before suggesting, “My car is nearby. We can take my car.”

I‘ve got to return to retrieve my car tomorrow, so it makes no difference if I go to the Queen residence instead.

As soon as Jonathan heard that, his expression froze. Unbidden, a headache assailed him, Gah! I actually forgot that she drove here.

If we were to take her car, the arrangements tonight would go to waste! In the front, the driver wore a troubled expression on his face.

He eyed Jonathan, waiting for the latter‘s instructions. Frowning, Jonathan countered solemnly, “

There‘s no need to go to such trouble, Lucian is definitely still nearby, so we‘ll just ask him for a ride.”

At his proposal, Roxanne‘s brows knitted together. At the same time, disapproval stained her features.

She was going to demur, but the man had already made the call. In no time, the person on the other end of the phone answered the call.

Thus, she had no choice but to swallow the demurral on the tip of her tongue. “What‘s the matter?” Lucian‘s alluring voice echoed in the car.

“Where are you now, Lucian? My car has seemingly broken down. Do you mind giving us a ride if you‘re still nearby?” Jonathan queried.

On the other end of the phone, Cayden tactfully slowed the car without waiting for Lucian‘s orders.

He lifted his eyes and peered at the latter‘s expression. Lucian inclined his head a fraction. Immediately discerning his meaning,

Cayden turned back around and drove toward the parking lot. “Come out. I‘ll meet you at the entrance of the parking lot,” Lucian replied in a deep voice.

Jonathan agreed with a grin. After hanging up the phone, he turned to Roxanne nonchalantly and exclaimed smilingly,

“Let‘s go! Lucian is at the entrance of the parking lot. He‘ll drive past your place on his way home anyway.”

we At long last, Roxanne had the opportunity to turn him down. “I‘ll just take a taxi home instead of troubling Mr. Farwell.

Having said that, she swung open the car door and alighted from the car.. Taken aback, Jonathan swiftly got out of the car and chased after her.

Trailing behind her, he riposted, “It won‘t be any trouble at all since he‘s going the same way. Besides, I’ll worry if you take a taxi alone at this hour,”

Roxanne‘s brows creased. Just when she was about to decline again, the man abruptly remarked meaningfully,

“By the way, the atmosphere between you and Lucian seemed off at the dinner table earlier.

I remember that everything was fine when I last saw you with him. Are you both keeping some secret from me? Did he do something to you?”

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