His And Her Marriage Chapter 391

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 391 – Roxanne meant it when she said she would treat Jonathan to a meal.

That very night itself, she booked a room at a restaurant and sent him a message to inform him.

Jonathan agreed to meet her on the weekend. He then sent Lucian a message and asked if he would be joining them.

In any case, the meal was a gesture of appreciation from Roxanne. Since Lucian also lent a hand, it was only right that he attended the dinner.

On Lucian‘s end, he frowned and hesitated when he saw Jonathan‘s message. If he made an appearance, Roxanne might make a run for it.

Just as he was pondering on it, Jonathan sent another message: Dr. Jarvis is giving me a treat to thank me.

Although she isn‘t aware that you have helped, I don‘t see why you can‘t enjoy a treat from her too.

As Lucian read the message, his gaze darkened as he replied after a long while: Let’s go together then.

onathan raised his brows when he saw the reply. He could not wait to see what might happen during the weekend.

Judging from the way Roxanne and Lucian behaved, they must have had some kind of conflict.

Furthermore, with Sonya getting in between them, their relationship must have been difficult of late.

He wondered what might happen when they actually met each other that weekend for dinner.

The night of the dinner came, and Roxanne arrived at the restaurant ten minutes earlier.

Just as she entered the private room, she saw two men sitting in there.

Jonathan was talking to Lucian. When they heard her enter, both men turned and looked in her direction.

Getting to his feet, Jonathan greeted with a smile, “Dr. Jarvis.” Roxanne nodded in acknowledgment.

However, she started panicking when she saw the man situing next to Jonathan. CXI In that instant, all she wanted was to leave.

Then again, it would make her look awkward. Roxanne stood at the door and did not know what to do.

On the other end, Lucian was sitting in the private room with a deadpan expression. He stared at Roxanne like a beast targeting its prey.

In that instant, the atmosphere of the room became very tense.

Noticing something was amiss, Jonathan bumped Lucian on his arm discreetly before explaining to Roxanne with an innocent smile,

“When I got here, Lucian has just finished his appointment, so I invited him along since all of us know one another.

Dr. Jarvis, you don‘t mind, do you?” Outwardly, he seemed to be seeking Roxanne‘s permission. However, in truth, Roxanne did not have a choice.

Since Lucian was already there, it would not be nice if she asked him to leave. Furthermore, Jonathan had no idea about them.

If she showed an aversion toward Lucian, Jonathan might start asking questions.

Roxanne had no wish for anyone to probe her about what had transpired between her and Lucian.

The two men did not know what was on her mind; they only saw her dimmed expression.

Noticing that there was no response from her, the two men exchanged glances. At that moment, Jonathan regretted his decision to bring Lucian along.

He realized that it might have been too abrupt. I hope I don‘t cause more problems between the two of them…

With the same deadpan expression on his face, Lucian got up and said, “Since Dr. Jarvis is here, I won‘t disturb the two of you.”

With that, he was about to leave. . It was only then that Roxanne returned to her senses and uttered, “Wait.

You‘re a friend of Mr. Queen, Mr. Farwell, so you‘re always welcome. Please take a seat and join us for dinner.”

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