His And Her Marriage Chapter 389

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 389 – The next morning, Roxanne was in the research institute, troubled by the issue of business partners.

She had contacted everyone she could in the country in the past few days, but her efforts were to no avail.

Many did not have a wide network of connections in Horington. Even if they did, they were not going to fight against Farwell Group for her.

Three days after, Roxanne was lost. Right as she was in the middle of despairing, someone knocked on her office door.

Colby entered with Jonathan behind him.m .“Dr. Jarvis, Mr. Queen has come,” Colby informed her.

Hearing that, Roxanne raised her head in shock. When she saw the man behind Colby, she was momentarily taken ab ack.

Queen Group‘s herbs have already been delivered, so what is he doing here ? “Dr. Jarvis.” Jonathan smiled at her before scanning her office.

He wanted to take the opportunity to find a photo of the children‘s father, but he only found a photo of Roxanne and the two boys on her desk.

Jonathan then looked back at her and sat down opposite her.

Colby already knew why Jonathan was there, so he also sat down on the couch without any hesitation.

“Mr. Queen, did… something happen?” Roxanne held her breath, worried that Jonathan was going to follow Queen Group‘s wishes.

Noticing her worries, Jonathan flashed her a reassuring smile. “Here‘s what happened. My grandpa chided me again after I went home yesterday.

He told me that my compensation to you still isn‘t enough, so last night, I‘ve been thinking about what else I can do for you.”

Upon hearing him, Roxanne stiffened. Nevertheless, Jonathan continued,

“I‘m in the medical industry too, so I know how much herbs the research institute would use.

Queen Group‘s supply will only be of help for a short period of time, and our group‘s supply alone would not be enough for your work.”

At that, Roxanne frowned and helplessly said, “You‘re right.

I‘ve also been seeking collaboration with other herb suppliers these few days, but I‘ve been unable to find anyone for that.

Mr. Queen, it se ems like you have a plan?” Jonathan bobbed his head. “I‘ll be honest with you.

Although Queen Group isn‘t as powerful as Farwell Group in Horington, we‘re still quite influential in the medical industry.

Many herb suppliers in Horington have received Queen Group‘s help when they were just starting out,

so these companies would more or less consider a collaboration with your establishment as long as I raise the topic with them.”

Roxanne‘s heart skipped a beat at that, but she still hesitantly uttered,

“Isn‘t the Roxanne was grateful for Jonathan to offer her a helping hand in the matter, b If Sonya were to find out that Jonathan helped her out,

and if their families‘ relationship turned tense because not know how she could make it up to Jonathan.

However, Jonathan gave her a nonchalant smile. (Naturally, I‘ve thought about scale businesses in Horington.

Moreover, trust me when I say that Farwell Gro With Lucian backing him up, even if Sonya did find out about something, it was However,

Roxanne did not know that Lucian was involved. Thus, she was still No one knew better than Roxanne the hostility Sonya had toward her.

She was already glad that Queen Group was continuing with their contract as she did not want to drag Queen Group into the mess

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