His And Her Marriage Chapter 385

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 385 – A beat later, Jonathan took in a deep breath and steeled himself before asking, “So, how are things between the two of you?

If you‘re not planning to get involved with her anymore, I’ll think of her as just a normal doctor the next time she gives my grandpa a checkup, and I won’t be as courteous anymore.”

Seconds later, Lucian uttered, “Just treat her the same as you always do.”

She‘s going to be overseas soon, anyway; she‘s not going to have many chances to give Old Mr. Queen checkups anymore.

Hearing that, Jonathan let out a relieved sigh quietly because his words meant that Lucian was still interested in Roxanne.

After learning that, Jonathan began trying to steer the topic toward what troubles Roxanne had been encountering the past few days.

“Ahem. Also, when Dr. Jarvis came to give my grandpa a checkup yesterday,

she mentioned their research institute has encountered some troubles again

,” Jonathan started, trying to keep the change in the topic as smooth as possible.

Just as those words were out of his mouth, Lucian turned to look at him. “What happened?

Jonathan explained, “Dr. Jarvis came to treat my grandpa because all the herb supplier s in Horington refused to work with their research institute.

That‘s why she came to the Queen family to get a contract that would be announced to the public about us selling herbs to their research institute at half price.

After that, she succeeded in treating my grandpa, so I signed the contract with her as promised.

With Queen Group as the pioneer, most of the herb suppliers began collaborating with the research institute again.

However, for the past few days…” EL Jonathan trailed off and glanced at his friend‘s expression. It was then he saw the frown on Lucian‘s face.

A pause later, Jonathan continued, “The same thing happened again.

All the herb suppliers in Horington have received a notice that warned them against working with Dr. Jarvis‘ rese arch institute.

So, the only business partner that Dr. Jarvis has left is Queen Group.” 10 Wrath appeared on Lucian‘s face. “Who did this?

Jonathan kept quiet for a while before deciding not to give Lucian the answer right away.

Instead, he patied Lucian‘s shoulders and replied mysteripusly, “This is all I can tell you.

I‘m sure that looking into this matter is no difficult feat for you, so it‘s best that you look into this yourself.”

Regardless of everything, Sonya was an elder to him. Moreover, this was, at the end of the day, Lucian‘s family matter.

If he continued, he would be crossing the line. Jonathan thought that Lucian would look into the matter the next day at work or when they separated their ways later.

To his surprise, though, just as he was done telling Lucian about it, the latter ignored the fact that Jonathan was still right beside him and instantly took out his phone to make a call.

In the meantime, Cayden was just done cleaning up and had just laid down on the bed when he heard his phone ring.

It was the ringtone he had set for Lucian, so Cayden instantly shot upright and picked up the call. “Mr. Farwell, what can I do for you?”

“Find out who has been contacting the major herb suppliers in Harington under Farwell Group‘s name and who is the one who isn‘t letting Harington’s herb suppliers work with VR Research Institute,” Lucian instructed.

Cayden hastily agreed to work on that. After the call ended, confusion belatedly crashed into Cayden.

Although Farwell Group had various kinds of businesses, they did not venture to look into this?

Why is someone from Farwell Group contacting herb supplied Despite the strangeness of the situation, Cayden still worked on it right away.

After all, it was something concerning Farwell Group, and Cayden was Lucian Not long after, he found out what had happened.

Again, Cayden was taken aback. Isn‘t VR Research Institute Ms. Jarvis‘ research institute? Moreover, the person out to be Mrs. Farwell?

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