His And Her Marriage Chapter 38

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 38 – Roxanne was slightly stunned before she turned to Lucian with a worried expression
She hadn’t been honest with him the incident when Estella was lost back then.

I doubt I can hide it from him, though: And so, she hesitantly explained, “It’s probably because I found her when she got lost last time.”
Jonathan didn’t know that happened. His line of sight shifted between Estella and Roxanne. “

I guess you two are destined to meet each other, then.” Destined?Roxanne thought about Estella’s identity and pur sed her lip selfdeprecatingly before replying plainly, “I suppose so.” Jonathan didn’t notice anything strange about her, so he stood up and suggested,

“Since my grandpa still needs an hour, we should wait downstairs and drink some water. Thanks for your help, Dr. Jarvis.”
Roxanne secretly sigh with relief when he changed the topic and quickly agreed to his suggestion.

Lucian walked away from his side of the bed, responding to the invitation through his actions. When he tried to hug Estella, the girl wasn’t at all
interested. After Estella handed the handkerchief to Roxanne, she had been staying at the latter’s side.

Upon hearing that they were heading downstairs, she immediately reached her hand out and grabbed hand touched Roxanne’s, a phone rang. Roxanne promptly turned around to take the phone in her bag, and her fingertips brushed past the little girl’s.

It wasn’t easy for Estella to build up the courage to hold Roxanne’s hand, yet she failed at the last second. She blinked slowly as
disappointment colored her expression, and she started fiddling with her fingers.

Lucian saw how they almost held each other’s hand. His eyes darkened in response. Roxanne picked up the phone and saw it was a
call from Madilyn. Vas She handed her kids to Madilyn tonight because of her appointment at the Queen residence.

So, when she saw the call, she thought something happened to the children and speedily answered.
As her finger swiped across the screen, she accidentally pressed the speaker icon.

“Hello?” Roxanne spoke without noticing her mistake. In the next second, she heard two cute voices ringing through the air. “When are you coming back, Mommy?” It shocked her and she quickly turned off the speaker mode.. The children’s voices vanished in an instant.

Despite that, she could feel her heart beating like crazy. She worriedly and subconsciously shot a side glance at Lucian.
Her first reaction was that she was afraid he would learn of her children’s existence.

Lucian’s face was currently as dark as the sky before a thunderstorm. There was an icy look in his eyes.
I heard the voices coming from the phone. It was a boy’s voice calling her “Mommy.” Did she get married again?

When he realized that, rage flooded into his mind and heart. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to cal down.
That was the only way he could resist the urge to pin her to the wall and question her.

Jonathan didn’t detect anything wrong between the both of them and smiled.
“Are you married, Dr. Jarvis?” Roxanne’s mind was in so much chaos that she just nodded.

When Jonathan saw that, he smiled. “I couldn’t tell you already have kids.” Say She apologized, “I’m sorry.
Please excuse me while I take a call.”

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