His And Her Marriage Chapter 376

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 376 – Smile And Says Nothing Frieda was rather confused.

Could it be that… Aubree has another trick up her sleeve? With that thought in mind, Frieda askedcarefully,

“Aubree, do you mean that you have another way to teach Roxanne a lesson?” Ugh, she’s so annoying.

Even if I have another trick up my sleeve, why would I let her know? She’s no help at all! However,

Aubree knew she would still need Frieda’s help one day. Thus, she assured Frieda, “Don’t worry.I won’t let that btch gain the upper hand.

She was the reason you got chided by Old Mr. Queen and Jonathan. I shall avenge you and make sure she gets what she deserves!”

In just a few words, Aubree had placed the blame on Roxanne. Frieda nodded vehemently. “

Since I met her, Grandpa and Jonathan kept finding fault with me. I’m one of them, but they insisted on siding with her!

We really need to teach her a lesson.” Having achieved her goal, Aubree squinted her eyesin satisfaction.

She patted Frieda’s shoulder and said, “Don’t forget that we’re not the only ones who hate Roxanne.” Her words stunned Frieda.

It took a while for the latter to realize what she meant. Oh, I forgot that it was Sonya who came up with the plan to make things difficult for Roxanne.

There’s no way Roxanne can get what she wants! It was clear that Sonya wanted to take Roxanne down to help Aubree.

After all, everyone saw how Sonya adored Aubree all theyears.

There was no way Sonya would allow Roxanne, who suddenly returned, to take the place belonging to Aubree.

Besides, Roxanne left without saying goodbye six years ago and only left behind a divorce agreement.

It meant that she had dumped Lucian instead of the other way around. Her action brought shame to the Farwell family.

Sonya would never forgive Roxanne ever! The more Frieda pondered over the matter, the more excited she got.

Her anger disappeared into thin air as she grinned and fawned over Aubree. “Mrs. Farwell adores you, Aubree.

This time, she must’ve taken action against Roxanne because of you!” Aubree was inwardly delighted, but she puton an act and furrowed her brows.

“That has nothing to do with me. It was that btch who has a death wish.” Glancing at Aubree’s wounded arm,

Frieda responded, “Roxanne returned to the country a while ago, but Mrs. Farwell didn’t take action against her until you got hurt.

Do you still think it has nothing to do with you? She only took action as Roxanne caused your arm to get injured twice.”

Aubree turned to look at her arm and flashed a smile and said nothing. Indeed, if she hadn’t decided to be ruthless toward herself,

Sonya might still be tolerating Roxanne’s existence. Her injury had forced Sonya to take sides. Frieda put on a flattering smile.

“Mrs. Farwell adores you. Roxanne bullied you, so she must teach Roxanne a lesson. You’re her future daughter-in-law, after all.”

Aubree’s lips twitched. “We have to wait for Lucian’s decision.” Frieda couldn’t care less. “Mrs. Farwell is on your side.

After she kicked Roxanne out of Horington, you’ll be the only woman by Lucian’s side. Who else can he marry besides you?

Just wait patiently for the day to come. You’ll be his wife in the near future.” Hmm, she’s right.

Aubree’s heart swelled with an indescribable sense of happiness at that thought.

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