His And Her Marriage Chapter 374

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 374 – Is This Not Too Much On the other hand,

Frieda was furious as she assumed her brother and grandfather didn’t appreciate her efforts.

Consequently, they even forbade her from interfering in Queen Group’s business.

After Alfred and Jonathan went upstairs, Frieda plopped onto the couch angrily and brooded for along time.

She would occasionally vent her frustrations on the servants. As she failed to tamp down her frustration, she called Aubree. “

Aubree,where are you?” Aubree was in the hospital, and Sonya was sitting beside her.

Hearing Frieda’s voice, she lowered her phone’s volume and responded, “I’m in the hospital. What’s wrong?” “Haven’t you got discharged yet?”

Frieda asked in concern. Frieda knew Aubree was admitted to the hospital after she got hurt trying to save Sonya.

Frieda often visited Aubree at the hospital, but she didn’t realize Aubree’s condition was that serious.

Aubree glanced at Sonya and said pretentiously, “I wanted to discharge from the hospital as I think I’m doing better,

but Mrs. Farwell is worried about me.” Hearing that, Sonya shot her a reproachful look. Aubree flashed a coy smile as their gazes met.

“It’s only right for Mrs. Farwell to show her concern for you as you got hurt trying to save her. Besides, you’re her future daughter-in-law.

Who else should she shower her affection on if not for you?” Frieda answered cheerfully.

Recalling what happened earlier, she put on a gloomy expression. “I’ll come visit you later. Wait for me!” Aubree grunted in agreement.

After the call ended, Sonya offered her a slice of orange. Taking the slice of orange from her, Aubree said, “Mrs. Farwell, I’ve already recovered.

You don’t have to take care of me. You’re making me feel rather uneasy.” Sonya shot her a disapproving look.

“You are injured so you need to recuperate in the hospital for some time. Why do you feel uneasy if I were to take care of you?

You got hurt because of me. I’ll feel bad if I don’t take care of you!” Aubree’s lips curled as she ate the orange obediently.

Sonya was pleased by how obedient Aubree looked. Nodding, she added, “After you marry into the Farwell family,

we will have a lot of time to care for each other.” Aubree’s cheeks turned pink as shegave Sonya a shy look. “

Mrs. Farwell, Lucian hasn’t made up his mind yet. Stop saying that.” “Lucian will listen to me. Roxanne is getting kicked out of Horington.

Who else can Lucian marry besides you?” Sonya said solemnly. Aubree promptly feigned ignorance.

“Why would you say that?” “I’ve warned all medicinal herbs suppliers in Horington to stop providing medicinal herbs to Roxanne.

If she knows her place, she should know that she isn’t welcomed in Horington!” Sonya responded coolly.

As Pearson Group wag one of the biggest medicinal herb suppliers in Harington, Aubree knew that Sonya meant what she said.

Despite feeling delighted inwardly, Aubree protested, “Mrs. Farwell, isn’t this too much?

If the research institute discovers that Roxanne is the reason—” “You don’t have to pity her, for she brought this upon herself.

How dare she return to Horington after what she did to us?” Sonya patted Aubree’s shoulder to consoleher. Aubree pursed her lips and smiled.

“Who called you?” Sonya asked. “It was Frieda. She will be coming later to pay me a visit later,” came Aubree’s answer.

Sonya put the stuff she was holding aside and grotto her feet. “You have a visitor, so I won’t disturb you.

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