His And Her Marriage Chapter 370

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 370 – Someone From The Queen Family

“Who ordered you to do it? Spill the truth. I want to know who in Queen Group dared to defy my orders!” Alfred declared furiously.

Hearing that, Rex was close to tears. If I reveal the person right now, Old Mr. Queen will definitely punish her! I don’t dare to do that.

As he didn’t utter a word, Alfred harrumphed unhappily. “Since you refuse to say anything, I’ll assume it was your idea.”

He whipped his head around and told Jonathan, “He works for you, so you can decide what to do with him!”

Rex didn’t want to be held accountable for such a huge mistake, so he immediately protested, “No, Old Mr. Queen. I dare not do that!”

“Who is it then?” Jonathan rose to his feet and glowered at him. The chilling aura surrounding his body was almost palpable.

Alex lowered his head and revealed cautiously, “It is Ms. Frieda.” Frieda? Hearing that, Jonathan and Alfred could barely hide their shock.

They couldn’t understand why Frieda would do something detrimental to the Queen family when she was one of them.

Besides, Frieda was present when Roxanne cured Alfred’s condition. She should know that the Queen family owed Roxanne more than anyone else.

“Ms. Frieda told me it was your order, so I didn’t think much about it. I only realized it wasn’t your order when you called me earlier.”

Rex was filled with remorse. “Mr. Queen, I didn’t mean to defy your order. I dare not do so!” Jonathan gave him a dismissive wave in irritation.

“Got it. Next time, ask for my instructions whenever it is anything that concerns Dr. Jarvis.” Rex promptly reassured him that he would do that.

“Remember to arrange for the delivery of the medicinal herbs that Dr. Jarvis’ research institute need as soon as you get back.

I’ll call Dr. Jarvis to check if she receives it,” Jonathan ordered. “You should also apologize to her.” “Yes,” came Rex’s answer.

With that, Jonathan told Rex to leave. Soon, only Alfred and Jonathan were left in the living room.

Their expressions were dark when they recalled Rex’s words.

When Roxanne first showed up, Jonathan realized Frieda didn’t like her, but he didn’t know Frieda would cause trouble for Roxanne in public.

Why is Frieda so insensible? “Grandpa, what should I do next?” Jonathan sought Alfred’s advice as he was at a loss. Alfred was boiling with anger.

Group’s reputation! In fact, the culprit was his granddaughter! “Ask her to come back now! That spoiled brat is bold enough to do anything now, huh?”

Alfred huffed. Jonathan nodded and gave Frieda a call. Frieda had expected his call, so she answered the call calmly, “Jonathan, what is it?”

Furious, Jonathan declared, “How dare you ask me that? Come back home now!” Frieda rolled her eyes in disdain and replied slowly, “Got it.

I’ll go home now.” Before Jonathan could say anything else, she hung up. I didn’t do anything wrong. Jonathan got angry for nothing.

However, she felt guilty for doing that behind Jonathan’s back. Back in the Queen residence, Jonathan shot his phone a death stare.

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