His And Her Marriage Chapter 363

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 363 – Obviously Blowing Him Off Remembering their last meeting at the coffee shop,

Sonya’s message was obvious. here would be consequences if she were to make any furthercontact with Lucian.

I hadn’t actually met up with that man since that time. Roxanne had, in actuality, went as far as to make plans to relocate overseas with her children once her business in Chanaea was concluded.

Hence, the timing of Sonya’s decision to strike at her now benefitted no one, not even Sonya herself. Roxanne’s head was throbbing hard.

Somewhat vexed, she pulled out her handphone with the intention of calling Sonya up to question the latter.

After dialing her number several times, she received as many automatedresponses, making it apparent that she had been blacklisted.

A dejected Roxanne switched off her phone and went over to Colby at the side.

“I’m sorry that the research institute has been affected because of my personal matters.”

Having heard her phone conversation with Larry and the change in her demeanor afterward, Colby more or less got a clue as to what was going on.

Thus, he merely smiled genially. “Well, it has already happened, so I think we should just focus on trying to come up with solutions” Roxannenodded in agreement.

Then, the two unanimously thought about the Queen family.

Previously, as repayment for Roxanne’s help in curing Alfred, the Queen family had promised to provide the research institute with medicinal herb supplies.

Once the Queen family were amendable, the other suppliers likewise followed suit, backtracking on what they said before and started approaching her to seek collaboration with them.

The research institute had been working with a number of suppliers simultaneously.

Knowing well that those people were under duress from the Pearson family and had no choice but to comply, she held no ill feelings toward them.

Coincidentally, we did not sourcesupplies from the Queen family in our latest round of acquisitions.

I wonder if they could have any surpluses to spare. The very thought of that filled Roxanne with a renewed sense of optimism.

“Check with Queen Group to see if they have the medicinal ingredients we need.

As we did not place an order earlier, I don’t know whether there would be enough time for us to do so,” Roxanne said. Colby concurred,

“My exact sentiments.” Followingthat, he pulled out his phone to ring up the person-incharge over at Queen Group.

The duo invariably started to worry when their call did not connect for a while. Roxanne nonetheless held on to a sliver of hope inside.

Queen Group was a leader in the medical industry, and considering the good relations Queen Group enjoyed with Farwell Group,

he was not convinced that Farwell Group would go as far as to threaten Queen Group as well.

More than that, she refused to believe Jonathan to be the sort who would go back on his word.

That phonecall, though, left her in a state of disquiet. An indeterminate amount of time passed before someone picked up from the other end.

With his heart weighing heavily on him, Colby did his best to compose himself and greet the answerer cheerfully, “ Hello, Mr. Tanner…”

Before he could finish what he wanted to say, his counterpart gleefully cut him off, “Oh, Dr. Galloway.

We’re in the middle of a meeting here, so we’ll probably have to chat some other day. Got to go now!”

With that, he hung up without giving Colby any time to react. Hearing thefrenzy of activity coming from the other end, Colby’s expression grew solemn.

Owing to Roxanne’s successful treatment of Alfred, their research institute had been held in considerable esteem all the time.

Not once had they needed to deal with a situation like the one they were facing at the moment. That person-in-charge was clearly blowing him off.

By refusing tooffer us supplies, they must likewise be acting in accordance with Farwell Group’s wishes.

Even without hearing what was conveyed over the other end of the phone, it was apparent to Roxanne that Colby had barely said anything.

He certainly had not the time to bring up the issue concerning the supplies before his counterpart hung up on him.

Colby’s expression was even more awful after he put down the phone, the sight left Roxanne disheartened as well.

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