His And Her Marriage Chapter 36

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 36 – Lucian glanced at Roxanne and turned her around by pulling her wrist. Then
he stared at Frieda coldly. “Apologize.” Frieda was flabbergasted when she heard that. “W-What did you say, Lucian?”

Lucian looked at her loftily, radiating an intimidating aura. “Old Mr. Queen’s condition is extremely severe right now. If there anyone could save him, that
person would’ve shown up by now since you’d invited every famous doctor from inside and outside of the country.

But no, that person has never shownup.” Stunned by his fierce aura, Frieda lowered her head in a panic. “This…” Lucian paused, glanced at Roxanne, and continued, “Ms. Jarvis has no relation to the Queen family. She’s only here to treat Old Mr. Queen.

It’s fine if you don’t believe her, but there’s no reason for you to hurt her. Did the Queen family teach you manners like this? Apologize to her now!”
Jonathan was a little shocked too as he stared at Lucian in disbelief.

I can’t believe it. Lucian is defending a stranger he doesn’t know? He’s not wrong, though. After all, Frieda had been trying to chase Dr. Jarvis away and
even hit her. Why is she acting so rashly today? Since Lucian had lectured Frieda, Jonathan also added, “Lucian’s right, Frieda.

Apologize to Dr. Jarvis immediately! As worried as you may be, you shouldn’t have treated her like that! You’re too rash!”
Frieda gritted her teeth and stared at everyone. Lucian’s protecting that woman behind him and making me apologize.

Not only that, my brother’s defending her, too. Even Essie is demanding I apologize! There’s no other way out for me!
She hesitated for a long while before lowering her head unwillingly. “I’m sorry, Dr. Jarvis. I was acting too rashly.

My apologies. I shouldn’t have hit you.” Her tone was very rigid and insincere. Roxanne didn’t want to care about what was going on, but at the same time, she was staring at Lucian absentmindedly.

What is he thinking? Why is he helping me again? Before I started the treatment, he was the one who was trying to stop me from advancing. But
when I was treating Old Mr. Queen, he helped out, and now he’s even defending me. His intentions are so unclear…

“Frieda has admitted her mistake, but I don’t expect you to forgive her that quickly, Dr. Jarvis. However, as you said, my grandpa’s condition is worsening.
Can you please treat him first. We can discuss how we can make up for my sister’s misdeed in the future.” Jonathan’s voice rang in her ears.

Roxanne was still pretty upset, but when she thought about the research institute, she suppressed her displeasure.
Besides, Jonathan was right. Alfred did need a doctor quickly, and he was innocent.

When she thought about that, she calmed down and swept her gaze past the crowd in the room before ordering coldly, “I hope unrelated persons will leave this room before I restart my treatment.” Frieda was about to say she was family before Roxanne added, “That in cludesMs. Queen.”

Frieda’s expression darkened, but Jonathan agreed and asked everyone else to leave. The only people left were Jonathan,
Lucian, and a clingy Estella. Roxanne sat next to the bed and prepared her treatment.

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