His And Her Marriage Chapter 355

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 355 – Not Good For Her Mental Condition

After some thought, Aubree pulled out her phone and called Sonya. It did not take long before Sonya answered the call.

“Is something wrong, Aubree?” “Mrs. Farwell, can you please come over? My arm hurts so bad, and I’m scared…” Aubree’s voice was full of unease.

“Just give me a moment. I’ll be right over,” promised Sonya immediately. With that, the woman hurriedly got changed before striding out the door.

Only after getting into her car did Sonya begin to wonder why Aubree called her if Lucian was with the young woman.

“What about Lucian? Isn’t he with you?” inquired Sonya curiously. “I’m not sure where he is either. Maybe he’s working overtime.

I didn’t call him because I didn’t want to disturb him. My parents weren’t answering my calls, so I had no choice but to trouble you.”

There was a hint of sadness in Aubree’s voice. Hence, Sonya quickly comforted the young woman. “It’s okay.

You only got hurt because of me, so taking care of you is the least I can do. Just wait for me at the hospital. I’ll be right over.”

After Aubree agreed to her request, Sonya hung up and dialed Lucian’s phone number with a hardened face.

She found it hard to believe that her son would still be working at such a late hour.

Lucian tucked Estella in after chatting with her, and as soon as he left his daughter’s room, he got a call from Sonya.

“Where are you? You haven’t gotten off work yet?” questioned Sonya suspiciously.

Having figured out why his mother called almost immediately, Lucian rubbed his temple. “I have.

Essie isn’t feeling well today, so I came home early to look after her.” When Sonya heard that Estella was unwell, her tone softened up.

“How’s she doing now?” “Better than how she was in the afternoon. I just tucked her in,” replied Lucian.

“She seemed fine the last I saw her. What happened to her today?” Sonya continued with her questioning.

Lucian fell silent for a while when he thought about why Estella was sad. In the end, he decided to brush off the question.

“She’s probably just suffering a relapse.” After that, the man suddenly thought of something, so he added, “Dr. Lambert said Essie needs me right now,

so I might not be able to go to the hospital at the moment. If necessary, I can hire a top grade caregiver for Aubree.”

In response, Sonya furrowed her eyebrows in disagreement. “If that’s the case, you should take Essie to the hospital so she and Aubree can bond.

I’m sure Aubree’s better at taking care of the child. After all, women tend to be more thoughtful and caring.”

“There’s no need for Essie and Aubree to bond. Besides, the environment at the hospital isn’t good for Essie’s mental condition,”

protested Lucian somewhat coldly, for he was sure he had made it clear back at the café that he would not marry Aubree.

The man did not expect his mother to be so persistent even after what he said.

Rubbing his eyebrows irritably, Lucian added before Sonya could respond, “Aubree has almost fully recovered.

I’ll send a caregiver over tomorrow, and if you’re still worried about her, you can always visit her. I won’t stop you.”

Frowning, Sonya was displeased with Lucian’s tone. However, before she could say anything to reprimand her son, the man voiced once again,

“Essie’s awake. I have to go check on her. If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up now.”

Lucian then ended the phone call without waiting for Sonya’s response, leaving the woman to her thoughts.

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