His And Her Marriage Chapter 351

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 351 – A Heavy Heart

After confirming that Estella was all right, James did not linger and left before dinner. Lucian stayed in his study for some time.

Then, he took out his phone and gave Pippa a call. He had personally sent Estella to the kindergarten in the morning.

Even if she had left alone, Lucian reckoned that she would have left from the kindergarten. Pippa should have known what had transpired.

On the other end, Pippa was nervous to get a call from Lucian, and she told him everything. “I left after leaving Estella there.

Ms. Jarvis told me she would send her back. Did she not?” Pippa said apprehensively. She regretted leaving Estella with Roxanne right then.

After all, she had not sought Lucian’s consent and brought Estella to Archie and Benny’s home, and even proceeded to leave the little girl there.

There was no explaining it any other way. She was being irresponsible. Lucian was displeased with Pippa’s recklessness.

Besides, Estella had gone home on her own… “She did.” Lucian’s eyes darkened. “How is Benny doing?”

Nonetheless, Lucian chose to tell Pippa that Roxanne did send Estella home. Pippa heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that.

She hurriedly replied, “He is doing fine now. Benny should be able to return to school in two days’ time.” “I see. Thank you,” Lucian replied curtly.

Pippa apologized profusely before finally hanging up the phone. Lucian was deep in his thoughts after listening to Pippa.

Ever since bumping into Roxanne the other day at the café, Lucian had not seen her since. He had no idea what his mother told Roxanne the other day.

However, he could sense that Roxanne would not wish to see him for some time after that. Hence, he only knew that Benny was not feeling well.

He had no idea about his recovery and everything else. Lucian knew that Roxanne would not tell him anything even if he were to call her and ask.

Lucian’s tips pursed into a thin, hard line at the thought. According to Pippa, Roxanne should have been the one to send Estella home.

She would not have dropped Estella halfway. Roxanne should have dropped Estella off at the manor’s entrance and did not get in.

Hence, Catalina did not realize that it was Roxanne who sent Estella home. In other words, Roxanne was still avoiding him.

Lucian grew exasperated at the thought and pinched between his brows. Someone knocked on the door to his study right then. It was Catalina.

“Mr. Farwell, it’s time for dinner.” Lucian snapped out of his thoughts and mumbled a response. Then, he strode out of his room and went to get Estella.

She did not linger in her room and came out right after Lucian called her. Even though she was not in her best mood, she looked normal.

Lucian slowed down and followed behind the little girl solemnly. Estella should have been happy if she had gone to Roxanne’s place.

However, she did not look happy at all. Lucian could not help but wonder what Roxanne had told Estella.

Didn’t she promise that our spat won’t affect the children? After getting downstairs, Lucian sat down beside Estella and asked casually,

“Where did you go today?” Estella was stumped for a moment. Then, she shook her head in silence.

It was obvious that she did not wish to talk about it. Lucian furrowed his brows and grew more certain that Roxanne must have told her something.

Just when he was befuddled as to what Roxanne had told his daughter, Estella tugged at his shirt. Lucian lowered his head in a puzzled manner.

“I want veggies,” Estella gave her father a puppy-eyed stare and pointed at the vegetables that were at the other corner of the dining table.

Lucian was taken aback. It was the first time that Estella had spoken to him ever since the abduction incident, and it had nothing to do with Roxanne.

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