His And Her Marriage Chapter 334

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 334 – Seeking Justice For You

Aubree, not daring to look Sonya in the eye, nodded while biting her lip. Sonya sprang to her feet. “Come, let’s get your hand examined.”

Just when she was about to open the door and call for Lucian, Aubree grabbed her hand to stop her. “Mrs. Farwell, it’s better to keep this from him.

Given how difficult it was for our relationship to finally improve, I’m worried that pressuring him might cause the situation to backfire.”

Sonya, after pondering for a few seconds, nodded in agreement.

Subsequently, Aubree got out of bed with Sonya’s help before both of them exited the ward together.

When Lucian got to his feet to follow them, Sonya threw him a glance. “I’m taking Aubree out to get some air.

You should carry on with whatever you’re doing. I’m not expecting you to care for her that meticulously.”

Lucian had no intention of arguing with his mother over something like that.

After all, he saw taking care of Aubree for the past few days as nothing more than his duty. Since his mother had relieved him of the task,

he nodded in delighted relief before returning to his seat. When Sonya arrived at the orthopedic department with Aubree, they went to see the latter’s attending physician.

The result of the examination triggered a drastic change in Sonya’s expression.

“Ms. Pearson, did something knock onto your injured arm recently? Your injury seems to have worsened.”

The doctor furrowed his brows at the X-ray that was taken. Just when Aubree was about to reply, Sonya preempted her,

“Doctor, do you think she could have hurt herself by accident?” The doctor shook his head. “Based on what I can see, the injury isn’t caused by accident.

I’m leaning toward the scenario where someone knocked into her instead.” In other words, Aubree was lying earlier.

Sonya, with a sullen expression, turned toward Aubree. “Aubree, what really happened? Who was it that hurt you?”

A torn look descended upon Aubree’s face. Sonya continued to stare at her. “There are surveillance cameras all over the hospital.

If you don’t tell me, I’ll check them one by one and get to the bottom of the matter sooner or later. You have gotten yourself hurt because of me.

Therefore, whoever lays a finger on you is messing with me. Go ahead and tell me the truth, for I’m not going to let this matter slide!”

Sonya’s reaction filled Aubree with satisfaction and the sense that all the pain she had suffered was well worth it.

Meeting Sonya’s gaze, Aubree admitted in a reluctant tone, “It was Ms. Jarvis who accidentally pushed me, causing me to hit the wall.

Nonetheless, she was in a rush to send the children home, so I could understand her urgency.

Furthermore, when I didn’t feel anything then, I didn’t think too much of it.” She kept making excuses for Roxanne.

Meanwhile, the scowl on Sonya’s face deepened. It’s Roxanne again! On top of seducing my son, she has even aggravated Aubree’s existing injury!

And yet, Aubree continues to defend her. After learning who the perpetrator was,

Sonya understood why Aubree wanted her to keep the matter from Lucian.

Aubree clearly feels that Lucian still has feelings for Roxanne and is worried that he will blame the former instead.

The thought of Aubree’s considerations made Sonya feel even more sorry for her. “Don’t worry. I will definitely seek justice on your behalf!”

Just as she spoke, Sonya left the examination room. Aubree hurried after her. “Mrs. Farwell, you have misunderstood.

It was really an accident. She had wanted to take me for an examination but only left after I told her I was fine.”

Given Sonya’s bias toward Roxanne, she obviously wasn’t going to believe such excuses which made Aubree seem like a kind person.

Turning around, she patted Aubree on her hand. “Don’t say another word. All you need to do is to rest for your arm to recover.

Go back now, and I’ll come by to visit you tomorrow.” With that, Sonya left in a huff.

As she watched Sonya’s leaving silhouette, an insidious glint flashed across Aubree’s eyes.

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