His And Her Marriage Chapter 33

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 33 – The expression on the Queen siblings’ faces instantly changed.
“What are you saying?” Frieda glared at Roxanne furiously. “Can yoù treat him or not?

If you can’t, then just say so! Don’t curse my grandpa like that!” Roxanne stared at her coldly. “I’m already putting things very mildly. After the
delay and not getting his treatment in time, your grandfather is suffering malfunctions in many of his organs.

His immune system is rapidly deteriorating. Normally, cases like this require the patient’s body to be taken care of in a timely, healthy manner. However, the medical team you hired didn’t care about the patient’s health condition and just pumped his body full of drugs!

This isn’t treating his condition; it’s killing him even quicker!” The leader of the medical team was pretty unhappy at the accusation. He
approached them and justified his actions in front of Roxanne. “If you don’t understand the situation, then don’t spit out nonsensical judgments, miss.

Old Mr. Queen’s condition was getting pretty serious. If we hadn’t given him the medicine in time back then, he wouldn’t have survived! Please don’t question our professionalism. Besides, we’re hired by Ms. Pearson. Why would we hurt him?”

Roxanne instantly caught the name of his employer. Ms. Pearson? Does he mean Aubree? I can’t believe she hired this medical
team. Where the hell did she find this team of buffoons? Not only do they suck, but they’re also arrogantly confident.

Heh, does he think I’ll be afraid just because she’s the one who hired them? Roxanne’s expression was getting pretty cold so she retorted, “Professionalism? Forgive me for being candid, but I cannot see a shred of professionalism in this team!

If you have even the tiniest bit of professionalism, the patient’s condition wouldn’t have become this severe!” The doctor was
stumped. When he thought about how sick Alfred looked at that moment, his eyebrows furrowed tightly. No words came out of his mouth.

When she saw how the doctor was getting lambasted, Frieda’s expression changed as she stepped forward. “Since you’re acting so high-and-mighty,
does this mean you’re certain you can cure my grandpa? If not, stop wasting time and talking nonsense here.

Aubree had introduced many good doctors over the years to help treat my grandfather. Lucian is doing the same as well.
But now you’re saying their years of hard work amounts to nothing?” Roxanne furrowed her eyebrows and glanced at Lucian’s emotionless face.

She then looked away and replied resolutely, “I’m simply speaking the truth. It’s not my place to say if their hard work has gone to waste. I just think everyone should know about the truth.” “You!” Frieda didn’t expect her to be that sharp-tongued.

Seeing how a fight was about to erupt, Jonathan glared at his sister. Frieda unwillingly shut up upon meeting his eyes. He spoke sincerely after reprimanding his sister. “I apologize on my behalf for my sister. However, right now, I don’t care about how the treatment was handled before.

I just want to know if you’re confident that you can treat my grandfather’s condition. If you do, then please hurry. As you said, my
grandpa’s condition is so severe that we can’t afford any delays anymore.”

Frieda spat out sarcastically as well, “Yeah, aren’t you so good? Quickly treat our grandfather. then. I want to see how capable you are.”
Roxanne ignored her attempt at provocation and returned to the bed. “I’m going to treat him now. Please help me take off Old Mr. Queen’s clothing.”

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