His And Her Marriage Chapter 328

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 328 – The Background Of The Boys

After a series of examinations, Roxanne discussed Benny’s condition with the doctor in the consultation room.

Her concise and intelligent discussion took the doctor by surprise. After a while, the doctor asked with a smile,

“Miss, which hospital are you workingat? Will you consider working here?” Roxanne smiled humbly and replied, “It’s okay.

I only know a little about cufflike this. That’s all.” With that, she reminded her sons, “Quick! Say thank you to the doctor.”

Archie and Benny got off their seats and gave a solemn bow to the doctor. “Thank you, doctor.”

The doctor was charmed by Archie and Benny’s cuteness. “You’re welcome. Remember to take your medicine on time when you get home.

You’re lucky that your mommy knows a lot. Otherwise, things may have gotten worse, and you may have to be hospitalized.

You should thank your mommy instead!” With innocent smiles on their faces, they turned and thanked Roxanne.

She caressed their heads, took the prescription, and left with her children. Thankfully, she discovered Benny’s illness early on.

Therefore, he was not in a serious condition. As long as he took his medication on time, he should be fine.

The thought of that made Roxanne feel more at ease. As Roxanne was walking, she reminded the boys,

Did you hear what the doctor said just now? In the future, you must let me know immediately if you are not feeling well.”

The boys nodded. Roxanne was about to look down and ask Benny how he was feeling when she sensed someone blocking their way.

Even when they continued to walk forward, that person had no intention of moving aside. In an instant, the two boys became more alert as well.

Roxanne’s heart sank when she saw that and made a guess. Looking up, she saw the face that appeared earlier on.

Lucian stood in front of them without any expression. Roxanne was taken aback momentarily before asking coldly, “Mr. Farwell,

can I help you?” Lucian frowned when he noticed her attitude toward him. However, he did not pursue the matter because of the boys.

Instead, he asked, “How’s Benny?” Roxanne frowned before scanning her surrounding, but she did not see Aubree anywhere.

Has Lucian abandoned Aubree to come over and ask about my children? With that thought in mind, Roxanne could not help but become a little

Both his fiancée of six years and the son he had with his ex-wife, whom he only knew recently, fell ill. Naturally, his choice should have been clear.

Instead, Lucian had made an unexpected decision to come and check on Benny.

After witnessing the tender, loving care that Lucian showered on Aubree, it was only natural for Roxanne to assume that the man had come solely because of Benny and not her.

Perhaps, Lucian has found out about the boys’ background? The conversation with Archie and Benny at the swimming pool started playing in her mind again.

Even though the boys had explained that they would say Lucian was their daddy because they thought highly of him, Roxanne could not help but
become suspicious once more.

Instinctively, Roxanne stood in front of Archie and Benny so that Lucian could not lay eyes on them.

Lucian’s gaze darkened when she became protective over the boys.

Does Roxanne think that I will hurt her children? What kind of person does she think I am?

At that juncture, both of them had different thoughts running through their minds.

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