His And Her Marriage Chapter 322

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 322 – We Can Take Care Of Mommy

The boys swam for nearly two hours. When they were done, Roxanne brought them to lunch.

On the way there, she couldn’t stop thinking about what Archie had said to the man.

She glanced at the children for a long time through the rearview mirror. Eventually, she couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you say that earlier, Archie?

Why did you say Mr. Farwell is your daddy?” The reason she didn’t ask about it earlier was that she didn’t want to ruin their moods to play.

However, she could no longer hold herself back. Upon hearing that, the boy glanced at her innocently. “Because he’s awesome and powerful!”

Roxanne was stunned. For a moment, she couldn’t tell if he was lying or not.

“Besides, I think if we call Mr. Farwell, he’ll probably rush over to our location.” Archie felt a bit odd when he said that.

He didn’t like his father because his father wanted to marry another woman. However, he was confident that if anything happened to his mother,

his father ould arrive shortly after. If not for Aubree, he would’ve accepted his father.

When she heard that, she was astonished because she found herself not doubting the truthfulness of that statement.

After she returned from overseas and spent time with Lucian, she also believed he would’ve rushed to her location, even though she might not appreciate it.

Upon noticing she thought that, Roxanne pursed her lips self-deprecatingly. So what if he came? He’s still going to marry Aubree.

We’re destined to be strangers. She halted her train of thought and stopped suspecting her child. “

Don’t say stuff like that to other people anymore, okay? Mr. Farwell already has a fiancée. If what you said spreads out, it won’t be good for him or us.”

The boys nodded as their hatred for Lucian deepened. What a bad daddy! Even though he’s going to marry another woman,

Mommy is still thinking about him! She recalled the scene from earlier and was still a little concerned.

“If something like that happens again, you two must protect yourself. I can deal with the situation. You two are still children,

so you don’t need to help me out.” There was a world of difference between the man’s physique and the children’s.

If the man had been more forceful… Roxanne couldn’t bear to imagine what would happen next.

I doubt the security guards would’ve arrived in time even if I had called for them.

When she finished speaking, rustling sounds were heard coming from the back. The boys straightened their backs and uttered righteously,

We want to protect Mommy! That man was obviously a bad guy! Besides, there’s no one but us by your side, Mommy!”

Roxanne’s heart was warmed when she heard that. Her expression softened too.

“You two will have the opportunity to protect me in the future. I’m only going to get worried if you do that now.”

“We’ve already grown up!” Archie replied with a sullen expression. “You’ve taken care of us for so long, Mommy.

We can take care of and protect Mommy, too! We may not have a daddy, but what Daddy can do, we can do, too!”

Seeing how insistent he was, she didn’t have the heart to talk him down and crush his desire to protect her, so she smiled.

“I’ll thank you two in advance first, then.” The children nodded earnestly.

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