His And Her Marriage Chapter 317

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 317 – Stepping Into The Farwell Family “Speaking of which,

it just so happened that Aubree and I have yet to have our lunch. Go and ask someone to order some food.” Sonya glanced at her son.

Lucian observed his mother’s expression and realized she had something to say, something that she didn’t want him listening to.

Instead of pointing it out, he nodded and left the ward. Once the door was closed, Sonya held Aubree’s hand.

Aubree was a bit confused. “What’s the meaning of this, Mrs. Farwell?”

She didn’t understand why Sonya sent Lucian away first instead of just speaking her mind. Did… Did she realize all of this was just a trick?

When she thought about that, she panicked a little as her smile became more forced.

“Now that Lucian has left, I will speak directly to you about some matters.” Sonya’s tone sounded much more casual.

Aubree nodded obediently. “Go ahead.” “You can probably understand what I’m trying to do. It’s not that it has to be Lucian who takes care of you.

Even a nurse can do a better job than him.

I asked him to take care of you because I want you two to use the opportunity to resolve any misunderstandings between you two.

After all, both of you were in love for years, and he isn’t a cold-hearted person.” Upon hearing that,

Aubree was stunned for a second before taking a deep breath and smiling. “I know. Thank you for your kindness, Mrs. Farwell.

I’ll use this opportunity to do so.” onya nodded. “However… Lucian grew up in a life of luxury, so he may not know how to care for someone that well.

Therefore, it may be difficult for you during this period.” In response, Aubree shook her head and smiled at Sonya.

“I don’t think it’ll be difficult since I’m easy to take care of. As long as I can stay with Lucian, I’ll be very happy.”

She didn’t need Lucian to take very good care of her. I just need him to stop meeting that btch! Sonya didn’t know what Aubree was thinking,

which was why she was touched by how much the younger woman loved her son.

“Good girl. Aside from you, I don’t know who else deserves the position of Mrs. Farwell in the future.” “You flatter me, Mrs. Farwell.”

Aubree lowered her eyes shyly. “I just hope that Lucian won’t resent me because of those misunderstandings.

As for other things… I don’t have the nerve to think about it.” Sonya sighed. What a good girl. Why can’t my son see this?

Why does he only think about that Roxanne? Thankfully, I’m still around. I’ll never let that woman step into the Farwell family!

It was as though a storm was brewing in Aubree’s heart as she lowered her head. It seems like Sonya has made her decision about who’s going to be her daughter-in-law.

With Lucian trapped by my side, there’s no way he’ll have time to meet with that btch. If Charles and the others work harder,

we’ll be able to figure out the biological father of those bastard children. If that happens, Roxanne will be doomed!

Both women were about to speak to each other further when they heard a set of footsteps outside of the ward.

Sonya cleared her throat, adjusted her mood, and asked about Aubree’s injury. Aubree played along as well.

It was pretty obvious to Lucian what happened between the two of them soon after he entered the ward and glanced at them.

Clearly, they spoke of something else when he left. However, because they didn’t want him to know,

he wasn’t going to question them about it either. He strolled to the side of the bed and put the lunchbox on the table.

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