His And Her Marriage Chapter 315

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 315 – That Was Not What I Meant When he was done with all the paperwork, Lucian strode toward the ward.

He received a call from Cayden the moment he was about to open the door. So, he stopped in his tracks and answered,

“What is it? Is the driver caught?” With a grim expression, Cayden reported some updates.

“Mr. Farwell, we’ve checked all the footage from nearby surveillance cameras, but to no avail.

That driver hid very well. We have a hard time trying to identify his face. We caught a few suspects, but we couldn’t put the finger on anyone.”

Lucian’s eyes dimmed when he heard that. “What about the police?” According to Mom, the incident happened right under the noses of the public.

How is it possible that they have no clue about the culprit? Cayden said solemnly, “It’s the same with the police.

A few suspects have been arrested for further interrogation. Anyhow, I don’t think it’s any of them.”

“I see. Keep investigating,” Lucian uttered briefly, to which Cayden obeyed hastily. After hanging up, Lucian had a serious look on his face.

The incident happened in public, and yet no one is able to catch the culprit red-handed. If what Cayden said was true,

the person must have orchestrated the plan extremely well in order to keep it under wraps.

Then, something fishy must be going on behind the scenes. Just as he was in deep thought, the door to the ward opened,

and Sonya walked out of the room. She complained the moment she saw him standing outside, “What took you so long?

I came out to look for you. Hurry up and get inside.” Lucian gathered his thoughts and followed his mother into the room.

Aubree was resting on the bed with the Walkers couple by her side. Her injuries were undoubtedly quite severe.

Though they had been treated and bandaged, she was still suffering from throbbing pain to the point where her face turned pale.

She had been leading a life of luxury and never experienced any serious injuries.

his time, she truly had given her all to obtain the ultimate trust from Sonya.

When Lucian walked in, Aubree dismissed her thoughts and plastered a faint smile on her face. “You’re back, Lucian.”

Lucian looked at her and nodded. Right before Aubree could say anything, he queried, “Did you see the face of the driver who hit you?”

Aubree was startled by his question. She tried to stay calm and answer casually, “Mrs. Farwell and I were panic-stricken at that time.

All we could think of was to protect ourselves first. There was no time for us to take a look at the driver.”

While speaking, her face turned ghastly as if she had recalled a terrifying memory. Sonya chimed in, “Yes, everything happened so quickly.

We were scared to death! Who would be bothered to check the driver out at that critical moment? By the time we gathered ourselves,

he had already sped off.” Lucian nodded. He was just trying his luck despite knowing that he could hardly get any useful information from the duo.

“Are you suspecting me as the mastermind who put up this show?” Aubree asked in a contemptuous tone while gazing at him, feeling aggrieved.

Without waiting for a response from Lucian, Sonya turned sullen and reprimanded her son, “Do you even know how dangerous it was?

Is Aubree out of her mind to bring this upon herself? Moreover, she was the one who thought about asking the driver to get out of his car to apologize.

If she was behind all these, why would she want the driver to expose his face?” Lucian could not help feeling a headache coming.

“Don’t get all stressed out. That’s not what I meant. I was just asking.” Sonya felt very strongly about Aubree being misunderstood.

She continued, “You can doubt and accuse me of what had happened. However, you cannot make any dubious assumption about Aubree!”

After personally experiencing a scary episode, Sonya had complete trust in Aubree.

Lucian nodded indifferently. Yet, his gut feeling was telling him that something felt very off.

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