His And Her Marriage Chapter 31

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 31 – Everyone present was taken aback.

As Roxanne stared at the big hand grabbing her credentials, she panicked. Ever since she saw Lucian, she had been trying to avoid looking at him at all.
Since he had suddenly taken away her credentials, she had no choice but to focus on him.

I wonder what he’s trying to do. Lucian held the document and glanced at Roxanne before commenting, “A lot of people nowadays will fake their credentials to make themselves look better. Old Mr. Queen’s condition is already in a critical stage, so you two mustn’t let people like that fool you.”

As he spoke, he casually flipped through the credentials and read them extremely slowly. It looked as though he was really trying to discern if it was fake or not. All details about her life, including the school she went to and the place she was working at, was absorbed by his eyes.

The life she had lived over the past years started to take form in his mind. As she said, her achievements during her time abroad were quite impressive.
Each of those credentials was so excellent that it would make people widen their eyes.

Roxanne stared anxiously at him reading through her credentials. She saw that the more Lucian read, the more obvious the hint of mockery at
the corners of his lips. Since she had no idea what he was thinking, all she could do was wring her fingers tightly and hope for the best.

After a long while, Lucian slowly closed the cover of her credentials. At that moment, her body tensed up. “This looks… real enough.” He coldly swept his gaze past her and suggested, “However, I think you better double check her info on the internet, Jonathan.

It’s best to make sure if she really is who she claims to be. After all, these credentials could be bought.”
Roxanne couldn’t hold back anymore. He’s messing with me on purpose and trying to make them doubt my medical skills!

On a normal day, she might have been able to tolerate it. However, because this had to do with the research institute, she had to obtain the chance to treat Alfred. Thinking of this, she stared at him seriously and answered coldly, “Yes, those can be bought, but you can’t buy medical skills! If I’m not capable, then you’ll know when I treat Old Mr. Queen, Mr. Farwell.”

hings were getting pretty tense between them. It was as though a conflict was brewing. Jonathan found the situation quite odd.
Do they know each other? They have to, right? Why else would he say things like that to her?

“Do you two know each other?” Frieda asked. Roxanne didn’t hesitate at all before denying it. “Nope! How can I possibly
know someone as mighty as Mr. Farwell?” Then she turned to Jonathan. “I’m here to treat Old Mr. Queen, Mr. Queen.

If you don’t mind, will you let me take a look at him?” She was trying to avoid interacting with Lucian directly.
Her change of topic was so sudden that Jonathan’s reaction couldn’t catch up with it.

Roxanne’s expression turned even more serious. “I am a doctor, and I’m just here to understand Old Mr. Queen’s condition. Even if I can’t treat him, he
won’t get hurt. Please let me take a look at him. If I can treat him, then he’ll have a chance to survive.

If not, I’ll leave right away and wont disturb you any longer!”

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