His And Her Marriage Chapter 307

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 307 – Some Difficulties When Lucian left Roxanne’s place, the look on the two passersby by the road
outside Roxanne’s house changed, and they took out their phones to make a call.

Right as Aubree reached the office and was about to hold a morning meeting, she received a call.

She frowned and instructed Charles to preside over the meeting instead before going into her office to pick up the call.

“Ms. Pearson, we’ve been keeping an eye outside Roxanne’s residential area for a few days. Mr. Farwell and Ms. Estella have come by her place
yesterday and only left this morning,” said the man on the other end of the call the moment the call went through.

Aubree’s expression darkened drastically. Ever since Lucian told her that he wanted to break off the engagement, she had sent men to spy on Roxanne—she wanted to know how close Lucian was to the other woman.

To her surprise, despite days of spying, the people she hired had only seen Lucian visit Roxanne’s place once, a nd he had always left quickly.

Initially, she thought she had made the wrong speculation. However, not only did Lucian visit Roxanne’s place again,

but he even spent the night there this time. Aubree instructed the two, “Keep watching. Pay extra attention to the men who enter Roxanne’s house.”

The two promised to do exactly that. After ending the call, Aubree stared at the documents on the table expressionlessly for a long time.

All of a sudden, she leaped to her feet and swept everything to the ground.

Lucian has actually spent the night at Roxanne’s place! How intimate are they now?

They stayed in a room together during the kindergarten’s parentand-child activity too!

Aubree could still remember what Lucian had said to her back then. He had said that there were not enough rooms.

However, she was starting to think that Lucian had lied to her at that time.

That btch Roxanne! She quietly left back then, but now that she’s back, she’s actually clinging to Lucian shamelessly!

Aubree was livid. Before Pearson Group’s morning meeting ended, someone suddenly opened the conference room door.

The executive members of the company whipped their heads toward the doorway in unison.

They wondered who in the world had just opened the door. Their confusion only increased after they saw the person in the doorway.

Ms. Pearson? “That’s it for the morning meeting,” Aubree announced, her expression grim.

Then, before the executives could react to it, she turned to Charles and said, “I need to talk to you.”

Charles dared not dawdle at the sight of her grave expression. He quickly stood up and went to her office with her.

“What’s the progress of the matter I asked you to look into? Who is the biological father of those two children?”

Aubree asked, her voice laced with madness. I can’t wait any longer. I won’t let that btch get what I can’t get so easily.

At the mention of that, Charles creased his forehead. When Aubree received no answer for a long while, she picked up a file and threw it at Charles.

“I’m talking to you! Are you deaf?” Charles had long gotten used to her bad temper, but his heart still lurched as he cautiously replied,

“Ms. Pearson, I… I’m having trouble looking into this.” “What do you mean?” Charles lifted his head to glance at her face.

When he saw the fury on her face, he quietly lowered his head again. “It seems that someone has deliberately erased her records overseas.

Our men have racked their brains to dig out something, but our efforts have been to no avail.” Aubree’s expression darkened even more.

The atmosphere in the office was tense. Charles did not even dare to even take a breath.

A beat later, Aubree’s voice sounded out again. “I don’t care what methods you use; I want you to keep looking.

I refuse to believe that she can hide everything!” Charles promptly reassured her that he would do that.

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