His And Her Marriage Chapter 304

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 304 – The Culprit

When the doorbell rang again, Archie and Benny instinctively turned to look at Estella. They quickly stopped Lysa from going downstairs to open the door and did it themselves instead.

Only one person will come to our house at this hour, and he must be the one looking for Essie.

Opening the door, Archie and Benny did not seem surprised at the sight of the man dressed crisply in a suit standing outside. Behind him, there was
also a man holding a medical kit. The boys figured from the latter’s appearance that he was a doctor.

“Where’s Essie?” Seeing that it was Archie and Benny, Lucian felt a headache coming.

The boys’ prejudice toward him, though unfathomable, was deep-rooted. I guess I won’t be able to get in there easily today.

And as he had expected, the two boys blocked the entire path and stared at him with full alert. “Why are you here?”

Mommy surely doesn’t want to see him. And now that she is sick, it will only make her more upset if she sees him now. That might even affect her current condition.

Archie’s and Benny’s eyes glistened with conviction.

Lucian could see through Archie’s and Benny’s minds. He scrunched his brows helplessly and uttered, “I heard your mommy is sick, so I brought a
doctor along.”

Finishing his words, he stood aside to make way for Sonny to step forward.

“This is Dr. Elswick, the family doctor of the Farwell family,” Lucian introduced.

Sonny flashed a warm smile and slightly nodded at Archie and Benny.

The two boys exchanged a look and turned back with a suspicious expression. “How did you find out that Mommy is sick?”

In a deep voice, Lucian responded, “Ms. Ward gave me a call earlier, informing me that Essie came to find your mommy.”

Archie and Benny appeared a little hesitant.

After all, as much as they did not want to let Lucian step inside, he had brought a doctor along with him.

Seeing that Archie and Benny seemed to have relented, the man continued his persuasion by using Roxanne’s condition as an excuse this round. “Your
mommy only has you guys to take care of her. I’m sure she hasn’t gone to the hospital yet. Why don’t you let the doctor take a look at her?

Perhaps she’ll recover faster too. Dr. Elswick has impressive medical skills.”

The raging emotions in Archie and Benny began to calm down at the mention of Roxanne’s condition.

From morning till now, they had only acted according to Lysa’s instructions to help Roxanne change the towel on her forehead frequently. Yet, there was no sign of the fever subsiding.

Moreover, they had no way of taking Roxanne to the hospital since she had no energy and had been lying in bed all day.

This doctor has a bright smile. He seems to be a friendly and reliable person.

After some hesitation, Archie and Benny decided to put Roxanne’s health first. Though reluctant, they turned and headed upstairs, leaving the door
open for Lucian and Sonny.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Lucian led Sonny and followed behind the two boys.

Upstairs, having not seen Archie and Benny return after a while, Roxanne was about to ask Lysa to head downstairs to check on them when they
appeared by the door.

Noticing the expression on their faces, Roxanne immediately knew who the visitor was.

Other than Lucian, no one can make the kids pull such a long face. But then again, what made him come here at this hour?

She figured she was running a fever because she was drenched in the rain last night.

And the culprit of her predicament was none other than Lucian.

Wasn’t I clear enough? I hope he can keep his distance from me. Yet now he’s appearing when I’m so weak…

Roxanne could not think of what kind of attitude she should put on in front of Lucian within such a short time. In her heart, she kept praying hard that he
was merely there to fetch Estella home.

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