His And Her Marriage Chapter 285

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 285 – Recuperate Back At Home

The following day, Roxanne woke up and realized there was a coat draped over her body.

Lucian had placed his coat over her after she fell asleep last night. Roxanne sat up and glanced around the ward, but Lucian was nowhere to be seen.

Strangely, she felt empty inside. Roxanne was in a daze when the door to the ward was opened.

Turning at her shoulder, she saw Lucian tiptoeing in, wearing nothing but a shirt. He looked really worn out.

When their gazes met, Lucian’s gaze turned dark. His voice was hoarse as he asked, “You’re up?” Roxanne nodded in response.

After a brief hesitation, she got up and placed the coat over Estella. The little girl was still sleeping soundly.

Lucian’s gaze softened when he saw what she did. He went up to her and glanced at her bandaged wrist. “How are you feeling?

Do you need to redress your wound?” he asked with concern. Roxanne shook her head calmly. “No need for that.

I can change it myself at home. The medicine in the hospital could be more inefficient than my own medicine.”

As she sounded confident, Lucian arched a brow. He then recalled her job and previous experience before giving her a noncommittal nod.

After that, an awkward silence ensued in the ward. “If there’s nothing else—” Roxanne was about to bid him goodbye when Estella’s soft voice rang out.

“Ms. Jarvis…” The little girl sounded as though she was on the verge of breaking into tears.

An instant heartache overcame Roxanne as she turned around hastily to look at Estella.

Perhaps Estella had dreamed of last night’s event, for tears were streaming down her cheeks even though she was still asleep.

Her little face was all scrunched up pitifully. “I’m here,” Roxanne assured her as she carefully wiped the tears away from Estella’s cheeks.

Estella woke up crying. At the sight of Roxanne sitting beside her, she leaped into Roxanne’s arms and started sobbing.

Her sobs were muffled compared to her sobs back when she was trapped in the hole.

However, Roxanne still felt her heart clench at her pitiful whimpers. She must be so scared to wake up from a nightmare this morning.

Roxanne comforted Estella for a long time before the little girl quashed her sobs. Her eyes were red as she stared at Roxanne wordlessly.

Lucian’s expression had turned dark when he heard Estella calling Roxanne in her sleep a while ago.

After chatting with Estella briefly, Lucian summoned the doctor to check her condition.

The doctor confirmed she was all right, and Lucian left to handle the discharge procedures.

Outside the hospital, Estella held Roxanne’s hand. She couldn’t bear to part with her.

Roxanne patted her head. “You should recuperate back at home. Just give me a call whenever you miss me, all right?”

Estella nodded, but she showed no signs of wanting to release Roxanne’s hand. Roxanne couldn’t bring herself to ask Estella to release her hand.

Estella was traumatized by yesterday’s events, so she wanted nothing more than to shower her love on Estella.

Seeing how stubborn Estella was, Lucian felt heartbroken. He knew Roxanne couldn’t keep Estella company forever, so he bent down and took Estella’s

“Essie, let go of Ms. Jarvis. We need to head back home. Your grandpa and grandma are worried about you.”

Pursing her lips, Estella released her grip on Roxanne’s hand reluctantly. Roxanne was slightly distracted. Essie looks disappointed.

She had the ame disappointed expression when I rejected her last afternoon.

“Ms. Jarvis, goodbye.” Estella bade goodbye to Roxanne softly with her head hung low. Roxanne was taken aback.

This was the first time Estella had spoken out loud since last night, except for the words that she had mumbled in her sleep earlier.

She spoke out loud to bid me goodbye. Roxanne felt her heart turn soft. Flashing a smile, she bade Estella goodbye and left in a hurry.

She was afraid she would be reluctant to leave if she were to spare Estella another look.

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