His And Her Marriage Chapter 274

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 274 – Roxanne went all the way back to the hotel. When she reached the lobby,

she saw Aubree sitting on the couch with her back to the door. In the past, Roxanne would have politely kept her distance from Aubree.

That day, however, Roxanne didn‘t hesitate to make her way to Aubree because the matter involved Estella. “Has Essie returned?”

Aubree was still in a daze because of what had happened earlier.

She didn‘t realize that Roxanne was right in front of her until she heard the latter‘s voice.

Their eyes met, and at that moment, Aubree‘s anxiety was replaced by anger.

It‘s her! Roxanne Jarvis. She‘s the reason Essie is missing! Roxanne slightly knitted her brows when she noticed the hostility in Aubree‘s gaze.

She was confused and was about to ask about it when Aubree suddenly sprang up from the couch.

Aubree pointed at Roxanne‘s nose, yelling, “I can‘t believe you have the audacity to ask that! Essie wouldn‘t have run away if it weren‘t for you.

This is all your fault, you btch!” Roxanne turned slightly pale. “What are you talking about?” How is this my fault?

What exactly happened before Essie left? “What the hell did you drug Essie with to make her so attached to you?

All I d id was get her a different room. How is any of this my fault?” Aubree roared, her face contorted.

There was no telling if she was blaming Roxanne or convi ncing herself.

Roxanne could barely breathe as the guilt buried deep in her heart began to weigh her down.

So… it‘s really because of me that Essie left? None of this would have happe ned if I had agreed to take her along… This is all my fault.

“How will you make up for it if something happens to Essie, you btch?”

The more Aubree spoke, the more she thought she was in the right and was standing on the moral high ground.

“I‘ve warned you and told you to stay away from Essie and Lucian, but you wouldn‘t listen.

You know what Essie is like, but you still let her get attached to you. Are you trying to use her to get back together with Lucian?

Well, listen carefully–that will never happen!” Roxanne couldn‘t even hear a word Aubree was saying. All she could think a bout was Estella.

She would never forgive herself if anything were to happen to her. “So she hasn‘t returned?” asked Roxanne softly.

Aubree grimaced and was quiet for a few seconds before answering impatien tly. “No. I told you she left to go look for you.”

Roxanne nodded absently and ignored Aubree, then left the hotel immediatel y after.

Since Essie‘s missing because she‘s gone to look for me, I must find her as soon as possible. She‘s all alone now, and she must be scared.

Aubree remained inside the lobby, glaring at Roxanne as she left. It‘s that btch‘s fault that I am in such a terrible state.

Ugh, and that little bustard is so annoying. Why did she have to run away on her own? Why did she have to go to that b*tch?

Aubree desperately wanted to put the blame on Roxanne, but that still couldn‘t calm her down.

She thought about it for a while before fishing her phone out and calling the police. After that, she called Sonya.

It‘s better that I tell her about it instead of having Lucian be the one to do so. Sonya picked up the phone after it rang twice.

“Aubree, what‘s up?” Her voice was filled with glee. “You went to visit Essie, didn‘t you? How is she?”

“Mrs. Farwell, E–Essie is missing,” Aubree choked out.

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