His And Her Marriage Chapter 271

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 271 – Naturally, Estella refused.

Aubree stood up and glanced at Lucian. “Lucian, I‘ll go downstairs and ask the receptionist. Let‘s get another room if it‘s possible.”

Estella turned around and shot Lucian an expectant look, hoping he would reject Aubree‘s suggestion.

There was a dark and unfathomable look in Lucian‘s eyes.

Even if I refuse Aubree‘s suggestion to switch rooms, Roxanne will surely make the same decision once she comes back. After all, she didnt seem too
receptive to Ms. Ward‘s suggestion of sharing rooms yesterday.

Now that Aubree‘s here today, Roxanne will only want to avoid me more.

Considering the possible reactions Roxanne would make, Lucian seemed to have silently accepted Aubree‘s suggestion.

Not getting a single response from Lucian and seeing Aubree actually walking out to request a change of room made Estella stomp her feet in anger.

She then followed Aubree into the elevator. Aubree was stunned. “Essie, why are you here? You can just wait with your daddy in the room.”

Estella merely lowered her head without responding to Aubree‘s words. Seeing that, Aubree frowned with displeasure and retracted her gaze,

pretending as if Estella was not there. Since they were the only ones in the elevator, Aubree could not be bothered to waste her energy talking to Estella.

he latter kept silent, and Aubree, too, did not bother pretending. Once the elevator stopped on the first floor, the doors opened slowly.

At the same time, Aubree‘s expression changed. She put on a subtle smile, pretending to be kind.

Just as she wanted to hold Estella‘s hand, the latter had already darted out of the elevator, running out of the hotel.

Aubree was too panicked to move. She even forgot to run after her. Even her purpose of going downstairs was lost in her sea of thoughts.

Estella, on the other hand, headed in the direction of the botanical garden.

I don‘t like this evil Ms. Pearson! I don‘t like Daddy, too! I‘m going to look for Ms. Jarvis!

Just as Aubree was standing frozen in the hotel, she heard a sound behind her.

“Where‘s Essie?” Lucian scanned the entire lobby, but Estella was nowhere to be seen. His face darkened instantly.

Aubree shuddered guiltily at the sound of Lucian‘s voice. “S–She ran out…” “Why didn‘t you stop her?” Lucian shouted angrily.

He knew Estella was a stubborn person, but he never expected her to be that stubborn.

When the elevator door was about to close earlier, Estella had suddenly run out of the room.

Regardless of how fast Lucian had reacted, the elevator door had still shut before he could arrive.

Hence, Lucian could only wait for the next round. He figured with Aubree in there, she would not let Estella run away on her own.

But to his dismay, Aubree actually lost Estella. Lucian had no time to find out if Aubree lost Estella or did not even bother watching over the latter in the first place.

“I didn‘t expect her to run out like that. I asked why she came with me, but she didn‘t answer…” Aubree was filled with panic.

“You‘d better pray nothing happens to Essie, or else“–Lucian glared at her expressionlessly.

A murderous aura exuded from his body, which made Aubree feel suffocated—“you won’t be able to make it up for today‘s matters even if you die.”

With that, he rushed out of the hotel. Aubree stood rooted to the ground for about a minute.

When she finally returned to her senses, she attempted to run after him, but her legs were too weak to move.

Although she did not like Estella, she knew where to draw the line. Estella was the Farwell family‘s prized child.

It was still fine when Aubree had secretly bullied the former, but if she really caused something to happen to Estella,
she could just forget about getting married into the Farwell family.

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