His And Her Marriage Chapter 269

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 269 – “Ms. Jarvis…” Ouickly. Roxanne vanished from their sight.

Stella hung her head sadly, her voice shaking as she muttered, “I want Ms. Jarvis…”

Lucian was still feeling mad at Roxanne‘s words. When he heard Estella was still determined to look for Roxanne, he frowned.

Ms. Jarvis has her own children. You can‘t keep disturbing her.” Estella lifted her head and glared at Lucian, who met her gaze with a frown.

Both of them had the same adamant look on their faces. Alas, Estella could never defeat her father. After glaring at him for some time,

she lowered her head angrily. Fine. I won‘t go, then. We stay in the same room, anyway. Ms. Jarvis will definitely come back to pack her things.

At that thought, Estella recollected herself and said, “I want to return to my room.”

Of course, Lucian was unaware of Estella‘s intentions. He merely thought she was getting uncomfortable in a crowded place without Roxanne around.

Hence, he agreed. Meanwhile, an idea came to Aubree. Before Lucian could even speak, she squatted and patted Estella‘s head. “

Are you feeling unwell, Essie? Why do you suddenly want to return to your room?”

tella pursed her lips, not wanting to talk to Aubree. However, Aubree took her silence as a yes. Getting to her feet, she said to Lucian,

“Since Essie‘s feeling unwell, I shouldn‘t just leave like that. Why don‘t I go back with both of you? That way, I can take care of her.

”Lucian cast her a glance. When he recalled how Roxanne had always behaved in a distant manner whenever Aubree was mentioned, a cold look
flashed through his eyes. “It‘s okay. I can take care of Essie on my own.

It‘sgetting late. You should get home soon.”Aubree knew he would reject her suggestion .

Hence, she had already come up with another approach. Putting on a smile, she said,

“Essie is unwell. Mrs. Farwell will be worried if she finds out about this. If she knows I‘ve returned without staying back to take care of Essie, she‘ll definitely be mad at me.

Besides, I feel bad for treating Essie badly back then. I never got the chance to meet her and apologize properly.

Please, let me stay today to make it up to Essie.” Lucian furrowed his eyebrows and remained silent.

“I‘ll feel bad if I can‘t make it up to Essie.” Aubree pretended to lower her head guiltily. Even her tone was filled with guilt.

Estella only wanted to go back to the hotel to wait for Roxanne. Seeing that Lucian was not moving, she urged, “Daddy, let‘s go back!”

Lucian thought Estella was feeling extremely unwell. Hence, he ignored Aubree, bent over, picked Essie up, and walked toward the entrance of the
botanical garden.

Aubree was not bothered by the fact that he did not answer her. When she saw him walking out with Estella in his arms,

she quickly followed after them. After informing Pippa, Lucian took Estella back to the hotel.

He could not be bothered about Aubree, who kept following them. Upon arriving at the hotel, Lucian placed Estella on the bed.

He figured he should give James a call to ask for opinions in dealing with Estella‘s situation.

To his surprise, as soon as he took out his phone, Estella hopped off the bed and skipped to Roxanne‘s.

Lucian was stunned by what he saw, and he slowly understood Estella‘s intentions.

Here I was thinking Estella‘s sick. Who would‘ve known that this kiddo only wanted to come back to wait for Roxanne and the boys?

Estella felt much calmer as she sat on Roxanne‘s bed. Her eyes gleamed, and she looked excited to see Roxanne and the boys return.

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