His And Her Marriage Chapter 260

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 260 – By the time Lucian, Roxanne, and the children returned to their rooms, it was already nine at
night. Archie and Benny were dripping in sweat from playing hide-and-seek earlier.

Roxanne quickly ushered the boys into the bathroom to shower them once they got back.

Their playful chatter drifted out of the bathroom from time to time. From where she sat on the bed, Estella stared at the bathroom door enviously.

Ms. Jarvis always gave me a bath when I stayed at her house. After Daddy brought me home, only Ms. Catalina gave me baths.

Ms. Jarvis was so gentle when she gave me a bath, and her shampoo smells so good! Meanwhile,

Lucianstared at his daughter’s expectant expression with conflicting emotions. Estella was far too dependent on Roxanne.

r is it because the bond between a daughter and her mother is simply too powerful? Amid his musings, Roxanne led the boys out of the bathroom.

Archie and Benny’s hair were still wet as they scuffled with each other.

Roxanne grabbed a hairdryer and prepared to blow-dry the boys’ hair. Suddenly, Lucian asked, “Ms.

Jarvis, if it’s not too much trouble, could you help Essie with her bath?” Roxanne stiffenedin surprise.

Estella stared at her expectantly and pleaded, “Please, Ms. Jarvis!”

Lucian explained softly, “I’m a man, and it’s not appropriate for me to give Essie a bath.

I hope you can do me this favor, Ms. Jarvis.” Alas, Roxanne’s heart softened when she saw the expression on Estell as face, and she relented.

Her gaze soon landed on her two sons and their dripping wet hair. “Give me a moment.

Let me dry their hair.” As she spoke, Roxanne switched on the hairdryer, ready to drythe boys’ hair.

A large hand reached out beside her and took the hairdryer from her. Roxanne looked to the side.

She did not know when Lucian had walked over to her. you don’t mind, Ms. Jarvis, I can help you with that instead.

Essie sweated a lot earlier, and I’m worried she’ll catch a cold if she doesn’t bathe soon.”

Lucianexplained while approaching Archie and Benny with the hairdryer.

The boys fell silent at the same time when they realized Lucian was drying their hair for them.

Benny turned his attention to his fingers, resisting the urge to look back at his father.

Archie, on the other hand, sat stiff as a board, his eyes looking straight forward.

Roxanne had been worried that the boys would be wary of Lucian but their obedience relieved her.

Then, she did not say a word and led Estell la into the bathroom. Estella was a ball of excitement during her bath now that she got her wish.

Her antics reminded Roxanne of the baths she had given Estell la during the young girl’s stay in her home.

She sighed inwardly when she remembered why Lucian had eventually taken Estella away.

The unpleasant incident in the botanical garden was the final nail in the coffin.

No matter how much Estella appeared to rely on Roxanne, the young girl would eventually become Aubree’s daughter.

Roxanne could not allow Lucian to spend more time with her because of Estella.

After Estella’s bath, Roxanne came out of the bathroom to the sight of Archie and Benny fiddling with laptop on the bed, their hair already dry.

Roxanne left them to their devices and began blow-drying Estella’s hair.

Lucian scrutinized Roxanne’s expression, noticing that she appeared more somber than before she entered the bathroom.

Evidently, she had no plans of talking to him. That conclusion caused Lucian to frown.

However, he did not force her to explain herself but stood quietly by the window.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the room grew tense.

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