His And Her Marriage Chapter 258

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 258 – The mention of Lucian and Aubree’s impending wedding caused Roxanne to lower her gaze.

She swallowedthe retort on the tip of her tongue and replied to the nasty woman, “Thank you for your advice.

‘ll be more mindful in the future.” The woman took Roxanne’s meekness as a sign of her victory.

She made a mental note to tell Aubree about that night’s incident and used it to butter up the future Mrs. Farwell.

As that thought crossed her mind, the woman stared at Roxanne scornfully and spat, “Good.

You would never be a good match for Mr. Farwell.”

Their conversation had lasted so long that Estella began wondering why Roxanne had not come searching for them.

She peeped out from behind a tree and noticed a fierce-looking woman standing in front of Roxanne.

Estella thought the woman was bullying Roxanne and hastily clambered toward them. “Don’t bully Ms.

Jarvis!” Estella yelled after latching onto Roxanne’s legs. She even shot the nasty woman a glare for good measure.

The young girl’s sudden appearance stunned the woman, who quickly smiled and knelt down.

She tried to stroke Estella’s head and cooed, “Isn’t this Ms. Estella? You’re such an adorable girl.”

Estella shied away from strangers because of her autism.

When she saw the unfamiliar woman trying to touch her head, Estella pushed her hand away and stared cautiously at her.

The woman’s expression froze at Estella’s rejection. The young girl’s closeness to Roxanne vexed her as well.

Still, the woman stubbornly tried to approach Estella. “Don’t worry, Ms. Estella. I mean no harm.

I just think that you look adorable.” As she spoke, she stretched her hand toward Estella once more.

Panic filled Estella’s gaze, and she hid behind Roxanne, wrapping her arms around the latter’s leg.

Roxanne scrunched her brows in concern and stopped the woman from coming closer to Estella. She said, “Essie’s scared of strangers.

If you really like her, it would be much better to keep a distance from her.”

Estella’s repeated rejection and Roxanne’ sad vice enraged the woman, who stood up and argued, “I’m close to Ms.

Pearson, and she’s going to become Essie’s mother soon. My relationship with Essie has nothing to do with you.”

Roxanne’s expression shifted when she heard Aubree’s name again. This woman’s telling the truth.

I don’t deserve to interfere in Essie’s relationships, but Essie seems truly frightened by this stranger.

She’s shaking so much even as she hugs my leg. With that in mind, Roxanne said,

“Since your daughter and Essie are in the same class, you should know about Essie’s condition.

She doesn’t like it when strangers touch her. Thank you for your earlier advice, but if there’s nothing else, please take your leave.

Essie’s still a bit shaken.” After that, Roxanne tenderly pulled the frightened girl into her arms.

Upset and scared, Estella glared at the unfamiliar woman behind Roxanne with tears in her eyes.

Naturally, the woman ignored Roxanne’s words.

With a hostile expression on her face, she was about to say something more when footsteps approached them.

Lucian’s cold baritone soon followed. “What happened to Essie?” When she saw her father, Estella ran toward him and hugged him tightly,wailing, “

That lady doesn’t like Ms. Jarvis.” Lucian frowned slightly.

He had planned on following Roxanne and the children but was unfortunately held up by idle chitchat with some parents along the way.

He never expected to come across Estella crying when he finally arrived.

Lucian quickly deduced that “the lady” his daughter mentioned was the unfamiliar woman standing in front of Roxanne.

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