His And Her Marriage Chapter 256

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 256 – By the time they settled in their room, it was already nighttime.

Pippa led the parents to there saturate the botanical garden had arranged for them. Roxanne took Archie and Benny to get their food.

There were far more employees of the botanical garden at the restaurant than when they first got off the bus, and Estella did not like that.

She followed closely behind Roxanne, never taking her eyes off the latter.

Roxanne turned around when she sensed Estella’s gaze, and a pained look appeared in her eyes upon noticing the girl’s timid expression.

She immediately let Archie and Benny hold hands, thus allowing her to free one hand to take Estella’s.

Seeing Roxanne reach her hand out toward her, Estella took it without hesitation, her eyes crinkling as she beamed.

All signs of tepidness had vanished from her face without a trace. Lucian was still worried about Estella, so he followed her.

Then, he saw Roxanne and Estella holding hands, and mixed feelings surged within him as he walked behind Roxanne.

When it came to Roxanne’s turn to get their food, she found it hard to take four portions at once.

Just as she was considering taking one portion first, then coming back to queue again and get more, a large hand reached over from behind her.

“I’ll do it,” Lucian said in a low voice. She was stunned for a brief moment.

But when she gazed at the children and thought about how they must have been hungry, she did not refuse.

Handing him one of the plates, she continued taking her food. In the end, she even took a plate of food for Lucian.

When it was time to eat, Estella did not want to leave Roxanne’s side and wanted to sit beside her.

Roxanne led the three kids to a table and sat down. Then, Lucian sat on the other seat next to Estella.

The little girl was all happy to have Lucian sitting on one side and the beautiful Roxanne on the other.

Meanwhile, Archie and Benny could not help feeling resentful as they stared at the man next to Estella.

hose who didn’t know better would think that we were a family if they saw us like this. However, this lousy daddy wants to marry another woman.

He doesn’t want to be with Mommy anymore! Infuriated by that thought, they had no wish to look at Lucianany longer.

They lowered their heads and focused on eating. “Let’s eat, Archie and Benny!”

Estella smiled as she scooped up some food with her spoon and placed it on the two boys’ plates.

Archie and Benny were momentarily stunned.

Looking up, they saw Estella solemnly using her small spoon to scoop some food from her plate to Lucian’s and Roxanne’s.

She gazed at them innocently and said, “Let’s eat, Daddy and Ms.

Jarvis.” Seeing the small spoon stretched out toward her, Roxanne’s heart melted into a puddle.

if my daughter had survived all those years ago, she’d probably be as adorable and sensible as her…

Meanwhile, Lucian’s gaze darkened when he saw what Estella did.

After the news got out the last time, Mom came to the house and talked about Roxanne and me.

At that time, Essie asked me with an expectant expression whether! was marrying Roxanne.

She said she would like it if Roxanne became her mommy.

I don’t know whether I’m just imagining things, but I get the feeling that Essie thinks of Roxanne as her mother whenever they’re together.

If Essie knew that the Ms. Jarvis she adores is indeed her biological mother…

Thinking of that, Lucian glanced at Estella and the woman attending to her as he ate with a complex expression.

Roxanne sensed his gaze and looked up, glancing into his eyes in confusion.

Lucian furrowed his brows slightly when their eyes locked. In the end, he merely withdrew his gaze without saying anything.

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