His And Her Marriage Chapter 251

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 251 – It was weekend soon. Roxanne brought the kids to the kindergarten early in the morning.

That was the first time Archie and Benny attended a group activity.

Holding Roxanne’s hands, the two kids could not contain their curiosity as they continuously took in their surroundings eagerly.

Many children walked over and greeted Archie and Benny one after the other, and the siblings responded in kind.

Only then did Roxanne realize how popular Archie and Benny were at the kindergarten.

“Ms. Jarvis!” Suddenly, a childish voice sounded from behind her. Roxanne had not met Estella for a long time, so she also missed the latter dearly.

When she heard the little girl’s voice, Roxanne grinned out of habit and turned around to hug Estella.

However, when she turned on her heels, Roxanne was instead met with Lucian’s gaze.

Her expression stiffened as the smile on her face gradually dissipated. She merely lifted her arm and patted Estella s head.

“Good morning, Essie.” Then, she looked up indifferently at the man standing before her.

“Good morning, Mr. Farwell.” As they were participating in an outdoor activity, Lucian was dressed in casual attire.

The dark-colored lightweight windbreaker that wrapped around his body accentuated his tall and broad figure.

His fringe hung loosely over his forehead, giving him a younger look. Lucian’s eyes darkened when he held Roxanne’s gaze.

The next moment, he flashed an impassive smile as well. “I thought you would not come today, Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne was stunned upon hearing that. Naturally, she fathomed he was hinting at the way she had been avoiding him lately.

At that thought, she could not help but feel the sarcasm. Shouldn’t he know better why I’m avoiding him?

Who gives him the right to criticize me, then? Roxanne gazed downward nonchalantly after recollecting herself.

“This is the first time Archie and Benny are attending a group activity, so I should accompanythem.”

Lucian glanced at Estella who was standing next to him and agreed, “You’re right, Ms.Jarvis.

This is also Essie’s first time participating in a group activity since her recovery,

so I have to make time to keep her company regardless of my busy schedule.”

Roxanne’s heart softened at the mention of Estella’s illness as she regarded the little girl with an expression filled with the utmost tenderness.

Estella was staring at Roxanne with her large eyes. When their lines of vision came in contact, Estella beamed at the latter.

Taking in Estella’s innocent smile, Roxanne merely felt her heart ached. She could not bear to pull her eyes away from Estella even after a long while.

As the crowd began to swell, many parents walked over, attempting to become acquainted with Lucian.

Only then did Roxanne look away from Estella and take a step back. “I shall not keep you occupied since you’re so busy, Mr. Farwell.” With that,

she turned around and left with Archie and Benny. The parents surrounding Lucian were still talking, but he was not paying any attention to them.

Instead, his pensive eyes bore into Roxanne’s leaving figure from behind. Roxanne wore a yellow dress with white flower petals design that day.

She gave off a gentle and motherly vibe with her long hair casually placed behind her ears with hairclip.

rchie and Benny, holding their mother’s hands, were dressed identically in white sports outfits.

They appeared no different from two little princes. The trio was exceptionally eye-catching amidst the crowd.

When Estella noticed Roxanne leaving, she anxiously broke away from Lucian’s grasp.

Lucian knew his daughter’s intention. Still, he did not stop her and simply let go of her hand, allowing Estella to do as she pleased.

Roxanne had just moved a short distance away when she sensed someone grabbing the hem of her dress.

Assuming that a naughty child had done that, she turned around, wanting to ask the child to let go.

However, her eyes fell on Estella’s pitiful-looking face the next instant.

“Ms.Jarvis, do you not like me anymore?” Clutching the hem of Roxanne’s dress,

Estella pouted and gazed at the former with sad eyes.

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