His And Her Marriage Chapter 239

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 239 – Back in her room, Roxanne’s expression looked grim as she spaced out on the bed.

Roxanne neverimagined she would encounter Lucian here. Moreover, she never expected Aubree to come after him.

It was beyond Roxanne’s imagination how things would turn out if the three met. A faint scowl appeared on Roxanne’s face.

Wasting no time, she stood up and started to pack her luggage. She decided that she would avoid any trouble which she couldn’t bear the consequences. After all, she had nothing left to do in Elkridge. Thus, it didn’t matter when she left.

Halfway through packing, she heard a knock on the door. Roxanne stood up to open the door.

Feeling slightly apprehensive, she raised her voice and asked, “Who is it?” From outside the door, Larry’s voice sounded.

“It’s me. It’s almost time for lunch. Should we grab something to eat?” Roxanne opened the door consequently and let Larry into the room.

When Larry saw that Roxanne had almost done packing, he asked, “What are you doing?” “I’m thinking of leaving first since there’s nothing left for me to
do here.” Roxanne smiled apologetically.

Lucian furrowed his brows: “Is this because of Aubree?” Otherwise, why would you want to leave all of a sudden when you didn’t mention a word
about wanting to go back and when you seemed fine this morning? Larry was aware of the conflicts between the two.

Therefore, Roxanne didn’t try to hide it and lowered her eyes as a form of confirmation.

“What can she do to you with me here? We’ll keep each other accompany. She wouldn’t accuse you of having something to do with Mr. Farwell, would
she?” Larry was puzzled.

“I only want to save myself from trouble. After all, there’s nothing left for me to do here, and I can leave whenever I want.

So why should I make things hard for myself?” Roxanne smiled faintly. After pondering for a while, Larry nodded in agreement.

“You’re right. There’s nothing much left to do here anyway. I’ll go back too since you’re leaving. Let me pack up my stuff.”

Roxanne promptly nodded at that. Soon after, Larry and Roxanne both packed up their luggage and went to the hotel Hobbiton check out of their respective rooms. They turned around and got ready to leave after checking out but met Lucian,

who had just returned at the entrance. “Mr.Farwell,” Larry greeted politely. As for Roxanne, she simply nodded her head coldly.

Lucian saw them carrying their luggage. With his brows furrowed tightly, he asked, “You two are leaving?”

“The conference is over, and we have nothing to do here. It’s time for us to leave. Please excuse us, Mr. Farwell,” Larry said.

He then turned to face Roxanne, unsure if she had anything to say to Lucian.

However, Roxanne looked indifferent and left with her luggage right after he finished his sentence. It was lunchtime.

Roxanne didn’t want to encounter Aubree coming down from her room and be troubled by the latter.

Seeing that, Larry strode off right behind her. Lucian reached out and grabbed Roxanne’s wrist when she reached the entrance.

Roxanne halted her steps and turned around slightly to see Lucian’s hand on her wrist. “Mr. Farwell, please behave yourself.”

Without loosening his grip, Lucian looked at Larry and asked, “What time is your flight?”

“It’s the earliest flight. You won’t be able to book a ticket now. Mr.Farwell, you shouldn’t hold up our time.” Larry sounded aloof after he saw Lucian gripping Roxanne’s wrist.

Lucian knitted his brows and said while staring at Roxanne, “Well, that’s great. I • bought a ticket for the same flight too. Let’s leave together.”

“I think you should keep your fiancee accompanied, Mr.Farwell. She’s just arrived and is waiting for you in your room.

We’ll be on our way now.” Roxanne shook off his hand, spun on her heels, and walked off without looking back.

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