His And Her Marriage Chapter 230

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 230 – Lucian took a sip of the coffee as he remained expressionless, masking the displeasure he was feeling.

He wanted Roxanne to thank him or compensate him, not to sit in front of him without a word.

Although I used the business going under as an excuse, does she really think a cup of coffee is enough to compensate me? Roxanne put down her cup and looked out the window. She had no intention of speaking at all.

First, she believed there was nothing else they had to say to each other. Second, she didn’t want to get too involved with him. The only reason she
had treated him to the coffee was to call it even.

She was starting to feel uncomfortable from the alcohol earlier. From time to time, she would lower her head to sip on the coffee while secretly checking
how much Lucian had drunk. All she wanted was for him to finish the coffee so she could leave.

However, Lucian’s coffee stayed almost untouched even after some time. Left with no choice, Roxanne looked at him and asked,

“Mr. Farwell, why aren’t you drinking?” A dark glint flashed across Lucian’s eyes as he pursed his lips enigmatically and said,

“I don’t like my coffee this way. It tastes bland.” Roxanne frowned at his words. “How do you like your coffee, then?”

she questioned as she rubbed her throbbing temples. After she spoke, her head started spinning again.

She closed her eyes and forced them open once again, trying to maintain eye contact with Lucian as though nothing was wrong.

Lucian was just about to say something when he saw her expression. “Are you feeling unwell?”

Roxanne bit her lip. “I drank a bit too much, but I’m all right. Just tell me how you want me to compensate you, Mr. Farwell.

After all, you handle huge transactions, and I’m afraid you won’t be satisfied with this compensation.”

Lucian’s face darkened a bit when he took in her pale face and mocking words, but he said nothing in the end. Instead, he asked the waitress for the

Roxanne was going to argue that she was supposed to pay, but Lucian had swiped his card before she could do so.

The waitress was the same person from earlier. From the way she looked at Roxanne, it seemed as though she was questioning why they denied being a
couple when they were actually dating.

When Roxanne met eyes with the waitress, she felt even more troubled.

“Where are you staying? I’ll drop you off there.” Lucian walked to her side with a grim face, but his actions remained gentle.

Without giving Roxanne the chance to reject him, he helped her to her feet.

Right after Roxanne stood up, dizziness overcame her, causing her to miss the best opportunity to push him away.

When she came back to her senses, Lucian had already brought her to the exit of the café. Almost everyone in the café was looking at them, and they
could clearly see how he had his arms wrapped around her to support her.

Roxanne felt extremely weak from her dizzy spell. With so many people watching them, she didn’t want to make a scene.

Thus, she went along with Lucian and allowed him to bring her into his car.

Cayden was already waiting in the driver’s seat. When they got in, he asked, “Mr. Farwell, where to?” Lucian turned his head and looked at Roxanne. Still rubbing her temples, she said in a low voice, “

There’s no need to trouble yourselves. There are still many seniors waiting for me upstairs. I have to return.”

With that, she opened the car door to get out. Lucian grabbed her wrist swiftly and held her back. “Either I send you back,

or you rest at my hotel. Choose one. My hotel is just nearby.” Roxanne knitted her brows and leaned back in the seat.

Then, she told Cayden the name of the hotel she was staying at. Cayden nodded and started the engine.

“Drive slowly,” reminded Lucian. Cayden hurriedly nodded in acknowledgment. Throughout the journey, he made sure to drive carefully.
Meanwhile, the two people in the back seat stayed silent

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