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His And Her Marriage Chapter 201 – Colby noticed that Roxanne was scrolling through her Twitter feed for a while and asked out of curiosity, “Are there any hot topics that are worth keeping up with?”

Hearing that, Roxanne gathered her thoughts and gave him a nonchalant smile. “Nothing much. I‘m just looking at some gossip.” Based on her current relationship with Lucian, his news could only be taken as gossip.

Colby wanted to strike up a casual conversation with her and continued asking, “What is the gossip about? Did something happen to a celebrity recently?” Roxanne didn‘t expect that he would probe further. She was momentarily stunned and answered vaguely, “It‘s not a celebrity.

I forgot their names and just clicked on it casually.” Once she finished speaking, she then changed the topic as if nothing had happened and didn‘t wait for Colby‘s reply. “The recent project is quite demanding, isn‘t it? I‘m already feeling tired from it.”

Colby raised his brows subtly and went along with her change in topic Roxanne got off work early that day, and as Colby sent her there, she reached the kindergarten just when they were done for the day. Archie and Benny scrambled out of the doors.

At a glance, Roxanne immediately found Archie and Benny among the swarm of children and went over to bring them back. In the crowd, Estella looked at her pitifully.When Roxanne met her gaze, she felt a pang of inexplicable guilt in her heart.

However, when she recalled the news that she had just seen, she genuinely didn‘t want to face Lucian again. Thus, she could only harden her heart and bend down to touch Estella‘s head, saying, “Essie, can you wait for Daddy with Ms. Ward? I sull have some things to do, so I have to go back quickly.”

Once she finished her words, she didn‘t dare to look into Estella‘s eyes again. She hurriedly got up as if she was running away and brought Archie and Benny into Colby‘s car. Archie and Benny sull had some impression of Colby, and they greeted him politely when they got into the car,

“Hello, Mr. Galloway.” Colby gave them a warm smile. He started the car and slowly headed toward Roxanne‘s house. As Archie and Benny sat in the back row, they looked at Colby‘s face through the rearview mirror and fell into deep thought.

Previously, they thought that Lucian wasn‘t bad and made Roxanne choose again. But now that Lucian was getting married to someone else, they thought that Colby wasn‘t badtoo.

On the other hand, when Cayden saw the news, he recognized the woman in the photo at first glance. After he saw the headlines, he immediately contacted Lucian.“Mr. Farwell, this news… Do you want us to make a clarification on it?”

At that moment, Lucian was busy with his work. Hearing Cayden‘s words, he looked up at the phone that Cayden passed to him. When he saw the contents on the screen, his brows furrowed slightly. He didn‘t even realize that they had been photographed.

In the picture, the two of them indeed seemed like a loving couple. When he saw the comments below it, Lucian bit his lower lip. After not receiving a reply for some time, Cayden was puzzled and urged him,

“Mr. Farwell?” Lucian retracted his gaze from the phone and returned Cayden his phone indifferently. “There‘s no need for that. Just leave it.” If he made a clarification, it would inevitably drag Roxanne into the mess.

Recently, Roxanne had been wanting to cut all ties with him. Therefore, she certainly would not want to be involved in such a scandal. Hearing that, Cayden hesitated for a moment before agreeing to it.

Seeing that Lucian had no other orders after waiting for a while, he quietly retreated from the otlice, When he heard the door to the office being gradually closed, Lucian paused his work, got up, and headed to the floor–to–ceiling window

.By then, Roxanne should have seen the news as well. However, he didn‘t know how she would react to it.

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