His And Her Marriage Chapter 196

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 196 – While holding Estella‘s hand, Lucian stared at the woman, who had an indifferent expression on her face at a near distance away. In a slightly sarcastic voice, he retorted, “Even if we‘re strangers.

You don‘t need to avoid me like the plague, Ms. Jarvis. I‘m going to send Essie to the kindergarten anyway, and I‘ll drive past your research institute from the kindergarten to Farwell Group. That‘s the reason I offered to give you a ride.

What‘s your concern, Ms. Jarvis? ”In other words, he was implying that Roxanne was overthinking things. Estella wanted to be with Roxanne for a while longer, so she gazed at the latter pitifully upon hearing that, “Ms. Jarvis. ”Unbidden, Roxanne‘s heart melted.

Furthermore, she had no refutation to Lucian‘s words. They merely had nothing to do with each other, so her repeated demurral of such innocuous things made her appear rather petty. At that thought, she relented and said to Lysa, “You may go back first.

I‘ll take them to kindergarten.”Lysa murmured in acknowledgment and handed Archie and Benny to Roxanne. Archie and Benny were still prejudiced against Lucian, so they were a touch hesitant, knowing that they were riding with the man again.

Estella, on the other hand, had already dropped her father‘s hand and went over to clutch Roxanne‘s dress. It was clear that she wanted to sit with Roxanne. Patting her head, Roxanne ordered Archie and Benny, “Get in.” Only after hearing that did they slowly climb into the car.

Roxanne went in after them with Estella in her arms, sitting in the back seat with Archie and Benny. Lucian closed the car door for them and slipped into the passenger seat. Then, the car started slowly and drove toward the kindergarten.

Silence reigned in the car. Roxanne had nothing to say to Lucian, and the children were inexplicably quiet as well. Throughout the entire drive, the atmosphere was exceedingly depressing.As the car gradually drove away, camera flashed relentlessly in the bushes in front of the hospital.

It was almost nine o‘clock when they arrived at the kindergarten. Roxanne alighted from the car and led the three children to the kindergarten gates.
As they were really late then, the kindergarten gates were already closed.

Roxanne gave Pippa a call to explain the situation briefly. Pippa then came out and brought the three children into the compound.
Watching as their figures disappeared from her line of sight, Roxanne turned back hesitantly.

By the side of the road, Lucian‘s car was still parked in the same spot silently, waiting for her. According to Lucian‘s remarks earlier, he would drive her somewhere near the research institute on his way to the office.

However, without the children‘s presence, she really didn’t know how to remain in such a cramped space with the man alone.
Anyhow, the research institute was very near to the kindergarten.

Part of the reason she chose that particular kindergarten back then was because of its distance from the research institute, which made it convenient for her to drive her children to and fro. Even by foot, it would only take about half an hour.

25While she was contemplating whether or not she should just walk, the car window slowly rolled down, revealing the man‘s impatient profile.
Roxanne was promptly taken aback.“ Aren‘t you in a hurry to go to the research institute?

Why are you still dawdling?” Lucian could guess her intentions, so he was in a foul mood. Consequently, his tone wasn’t all that amicable. either.
Upon hearing that, Roxanne pursed her lips.

A moment later, she flashed him a polite smile and stepped forward, saying, “The research institute is just around the corner, so I‘ll walk there.” Suppressing the chagrin within him, Lucian replied coolly, “If Essie were to learn that I had you walk over, she‘d throw a fit at me when she returns.”

At that, Roxanne was startled. As long as neither of us speaks of it, how would she learn about it? Nonetheless, seeing as the man seemingly wouldn‘t leave unless she got into the car, she still climbed into the back seat after a moment‘s hesitation.

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