His And Her Marriage Chapter 183

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 183 – With that, the door to the mansion slowly closed, and Estella‘s tiny
figure was gone from Roxanne‘s sight. Missing the little girl dearly, Roxanne took a deep breath and forced her tears back in.

They had spent quite some time together, and the kid had obviously grown fond of her and the boys. On top of that, her illness showed evident signs of improvement If at all possible,

Roxanne wished that she could continue to stay with Estella and take care of the latter until she had completely recovered. How I wish I could hear her say a full sentence… Unfortunately, it seemed that was no longer possible.

As Archie and Benny walked down the stairs after Roxanne and Estella, the boys could tell that their mother was sad to
send Estella away. Although they, too, felt the same, they kept their words to themselves.

When they saw how saddened their mother was, they snuggled up in her arms and promised, “Don‘t be sad, Mommy. We promise we will always be with you.” Roxanne hugged the cuddly kids in her embrace, and her heart slowly became filled with warmth once more.

Although she was reluctant to part with Estella, her challenging job made it impossible for her to deal with other matters as she was preoccupied with her
work every day. On that fateful day, Roxanne followed her routine and left the research facility when it was time to pick up her kids from kindergarten.

When she was on her way, she received a call from Larry. Roxanne picked up the call. “Hi Larry, what‘s up?”
Larry sounded a little troubled when he spoke on the other end of the line, “Are you free to talk? I‘d like to ask for a favor.”

Roxanne could tell that something was off, so she agreed to help him without hesitation, “Ask away.”
Larry replied, “It‘s easier if we talk in person. I‘ll send you a location later. Let‘s meet there.”

Roxanne agreed to meet up and hung up the call. After that, she sped up and drove quickly to the kindergarten to pick up her kids.
Upon dropping them off at her home, she asked her friend to babysit them, then hurried off to meet Larry at the restaurant he picked.

Larry was already there when she arrived, and he had a grim expression on his face. “Sorry for asking you to come here out
of the blue,” said Larry when he saw her sitting down. Roxanne didn‘t mind, so she grinned. “It‘s fine. I‘m free tonight anyway.

So, w hat do you need my help for?” While they were talking, a server showed up to serve their dishes so that they could eat while they chatted.
“Initially, I planned to only stay here for a short while, but an elderly member of my extended family suddenly developed an illness in his brain.

I‘m the only medical practitioner in the family, so I stayed behind to help out,” said Larry. “I‘ve read his medical file, and he needs a
craniotomy. Unfortunately, he is getting too old, and the risk involved is rather high.

The success rate is only 20%” They both worked in the healthcare industry, so Larry could explain the patient‘s situation in a few short sentence
s. Those few words also allowed Roxanne to understand what Larry wanted her help with.

“We worked together on several occasions when we were living overseas, and of all the doctors I know, you are the most
skilled one in this field. That is why I was hoping.” Larry trailed off as he became hesitant.

After all, craniotomy was a difficult and risky procedure, so the surgeon performing the task would have to endure tremendous stress.
Roxanne had no obligation and didn‘t need to take a risk like that.

Nevertheless, she understood that Larry was worried about her being burdened by the risk involved. Hence, she didn‘t bother waiting for him
to finish his sentence and immediately said, “Where is the patient now?

If possible, I think I should go check his condition in person. It‘s as you said. I specialize in this field, so I might be able to come
up with another solution. Who knows? Maybe we can avoid surgery entirely.”

Larry was still pondering how to finish his sentence when her words prompted a bewildered glint to flash past his eyes.
D–Did she agree to help out just like that?

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