His And Her Marriage Chapter 175

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 175 – For the next few days, Esiella played with Roxanne at home but had no playmates at the kindergarten.

She could only watch as Archie and Benny played with the other children and ignored her entirely. Finally, she plucked up her courage to run to them.

The boys shared a look and put on stern expressions. “What do you want?”

Estella clutched the corners of her skirt until it was all crumpled up. Her brows snapped together as she stared at them solemnly. Parting her lips, she tried to make a sound.

Archie and Benny were both worried and anxious.

If they had no idea she could actually talk, they wouldn‘t be forcing her to talk now.

A while later, they were about to give up when they heard a tiny whisper, “Arch… Ben…”
Estella‘s cheeks were flushed, but she only managed to utter a syllable from each of their names. She hung her head low despondently.

Both Archie and Benny were elated. They gave her a hug and exclaimed, “Good job, Essie!”

Estella was taken aback by their sudden hug. Hearing their praises, she snapped back to reality and broke into a smile.

After the first try, it was easier for her to pronounce their names.

As she seemed to have overcome an obstacle, Archie said solemnly, “Mommy treats you well, and you adore her, too. Am I right? But you‘ve never called her name. I believe she‘s way more upset than Benny and me.”

Estella grew flustered once again. She grabbed Archie‘s shirt and said, “Arch… ie!”

She wanted him to teach her how to comfort Roxanne A cunning look flashed across Archie‘s eyes as he explained slowly, “You called our names, so we‘ve forgiven you. If you can call Mommy Ms. Jarvis, she‘ll be delighted!”

Estella nodded vigorously.

She then spent the entire day at kindergarten practicing the word “Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne was really busy these few days.

The project Harvey handed her was urgent and challenging. He might‘ve informed her about the details, but there was still stuff he missed.

Thus, Roxanne and her team had to figure out those by themselves.

This was the first time she got to work with most of the researchers in the research institute. They were n‘t familiar with each other, and thus their project was behind schedule.

Fortunately, Colby was around to help her catch up.

By the time the first phase was completed, Roxanne was depleted of energy.

She glanced at her watch and realized Catalina should‘ve picked the kids up from kindergarten already.

Thus, Roxanne drove back home to prepare dinner for them.

Shortly after, the door to the mansion was pushed open. A series of footsteps sounded followed by Archie and Benny‘s chatter.

“Mrs. Farwell?” Catalina was about to head into the kitchen when she saw Roxanne inside. “Why are you back early today?”

Roxanne shot her a smile. “I got off work earlier than usual today. Dinner‘s almost ready. Please help them wash their hands, and we can eat soon!”
The kids ran into the kitchen and surrounded her.

Benny began telling her stories about his day in kindergarten.

Roxanne‘s exhaustion faded into thin air as she took in their smiling faces.

“Miss!” An adorable voice rang out after Benny was done talking.

Stunned, Roxanne lowered her head to look at Estella, whobwas standing beside her.

Estella was hugging her leg and staring at her intently. The little girl‘s lips were still parted.

Once their gazes met, she repeated slowly, “Miss!”

It took Roxanne a while before she regained her composure. Squatting down, she flung her arms around the little girl and replied happily, “Yes, I‘m here! That sounds amazing, Essie!”

Tears threatened to escape her eyes.

After taking care of Estella for a while, she was already treating the little girl as her own daughter.

When she heard Estella doing her best to addresser as “Ms. Jarvis,” she was transported back to the day when Archie and Benny learned how to call her “Mommy.”

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