His And Her Marriage Chapter 172

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 172 – The cars in the front started moving again, so Roxanne lifted her leg from the brakes and set her eyes on the road. Everything felt even more ironic when she recalled Lucian’s expression.

“Aren’t you engaged to Ms. Pearson? Don’t you feel that it’s inappropriate to be so close to me because of Essie?” Besides, he doesn’t even know who Essie’s biological mother is. The more she dwelled on the matter, the more outrageous she thought he was.

How dare he nag me? Lucian didn’t expect her to bring Estella up, so he looked a little conflicted and replied ambiguously, “That’s not the same thing.”
After all, Estella was her daughter. She sneered, “What’s different? Besides, we have no other connection other than Essie, and we’re not even friends.

It’s my right to decide who I wish to be friends with. It has nothing to do with you. Don’t you think you’re being a little too controlling?”
As soon as she said that, the temperature in the car dropped. Lucian’s expression darkened as he stared into the distance.

After that, he didn’t say anything else during the entire trip. Similarly, Roxanne pursed her lips tightly, and her mind was all over the
place while she had the same expression on her face as Lucian.

Both of them stayed silent for the rest of their journey Turlandedit toll her where he wanted to go, so she drove back to her
Want to Jana way anything her opened the rattanxol Seconds later, Lucian got out of the passenger seat too.

“Since Essie’s condition is basically stabilized now, it’s not very appropriate for her to keep staying here. Mr. Farwell, if it’s convenient for you, you should
bring her back.” Roxanne had considered it throughout the journey Despite her reluctance to be separated from Estella,

Roxanne made that decision in the end. She was a little tired of the fact that Lucian would go to her house once every few days because Estella was staying with her.

I’ve told him clearly from the beginning when we first met that we’re already strangers, but lately, he kept showing up in front of me and even did that
during Old Mr. Queen’s birthday banquet. I’m really confused. What’s our relationship right now, anyway?

Besides, it’s obvious that Archie and Benny, especially Benny, have gotten closer to him. Benny had already taken a liking to him at the beginning. Moreover, the last two times Lucian gave Benny and Archie gifts made them even more fond of him.

As such, Roxanne was afraid that Benny would tell Lucian everything about her one day. With Lucian’s intelligence, he would definitely find out that Archie and Benny were his when the time came. Roxanne didn’t even dare to think about what would happen after that.

There was still no response from Lucian after some time, so she added, “Besides, it seems that Mrs. Farwell doesn’t want Essie to stay with me…”
She didn’t know why, but she felt that Lucian was staring at her with a strange look in his eyes.

Unbidden, she stopped talking. Lucian gave Roxanne one last glance before he walked away without saying anything Siring his disappearing silhouette, she opened her mouth. Instead of scrying anything. Jurlet out a quiet nigh before turning around and walking 11 the nanS1011.

Once she got into the mansion. Archie, Benny, and Estella pounced on her happily Roxanne squatted down out of habit, spread her arms, and the three of them jumped in for a hug. As Roxanne felt the warmth in her arms and took in the sweet scent of the three children, her heart melted instantly.

She tightened her hug and pulled thern closer to her as her worries disappeared.

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