His And Her Marriage Chapter 167

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 167 – Roxanne was a little confused by the little girl’s actions.

The boys had been intcracung with Estella long enough that they knew what she meant by observing her expressions and gestures.
On the other hand, it remained an elusive task for Roxanne Estella was becoming anxious at Roxanne’s prolonged confusion.

Once more, she pointed to the room and then to herself while pouting. Roxanne was more bewildered than ever.
“Essie means to tell you that she assembled that part, Mommy,” Archie explained.

Comprehension dawned on Roxanne’s face au last. Smiling so broadly that her eyes were crinkled, she gushed, “That’s a lot of bricks, Estella! Great
job!” Estella’s eyes sparkled at the compliment from the beautiful woman she held in such high regard.

As she turned to look at her father, her little face shone with similar excitement. The four of them got along well together.
Lucian knew what it meant when he suddenly met the expectant look of his daughter,

though he could not think of any words of praise of his own except to give her an approving nod. Well done, Essie.”
Estella smiled so broadly that her dimples deepened.

Lucian’s eyes darkened a little at his daughter’s delight. He could feel a confused torrent of emotions welling up within him.
It is obvious that Essie is happier with Roxanne. I’ve never seen her smile this much.

Despite spending all night completing a Lego palace, Benny was not satisfied. He grabbed his mother’s hand coyly.
“This castle was too simple, Mommy. Could you get us something more difficult?” Roxanne glanced at Estella hesitantly.

She was just about to suggest that the two boys accommodate Estella when Benny added, “Essie is also very good at Lego.
She’s going to catch up to Archie and me!” Roxanne stared at Archie in disbelief, who nodded vigorously in allocation.

Meanwhile, Estella patted her chest confidently, her face full of anticipation. Roxanne did not need any more convincing. “All righi.
I’ll get you a new set tomorrow.” Exhilaration shone on the faces of the three children.

Archie and Benny delved at once into detailed and long-winded specifics of the model they wanted. Standing by the door, Lucian watched the four of them enjoying themselves. He remained silent for a long time. It was close to midnight when he spoke again.

After suggesting that the children be tucked in, Lucian bid them farewell. Roxanne was only too glad about his departure; she only put up with his
presence for Estella’s sake. After the door shut behind him, she took Estella to the door to watch him leave.

Lucian seethed throughout his journey home. Upon arriving, he furrowed his brows at the sight of a figure seated on his couch.
“So you still remembered to come home, huh?” Sonya reprimanded in displeasure.

Intending to take the opportunity to have Lucian come to terms with his marriage with Aubree, Sonya was scandalized to witness her son offer
Roxanne a ride home in plain sight. Their intimacy also irritated her.

Though Sonya could not conceal her displeasure after her son’s abrupt departure, she managed to hold on until the banquet ended before rushing
over immediately. Initially, she thought that Lucian would have been back at so late an hour.

She did not expect to wait for over another hour before seeing him. What did the two of them do at Roxanne’s house for over an hour?
Sonya’s face contorted with rage at that thought. Lucian felt a similar dislike for his mother’s behavior that night.

What can I do for you this late at night, Mom?” he asked coldly. Sonya’s scowl deepened. “Can’t your mother drop by in her free time?
Are you aware of how embarrassed Aubree was after you left? Outrageous behavior!” Aubree again.

Lucian’s coldness bordered on hosulity by that point. “I’ve told you before. Stay out of my business. I can handle them myself.
If there is nothing else, you can see yourself out.” Without another word, he went upstairs.

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