His And Her Marriage Chapter 165

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 165 – Grabbed by the wrist, Roxanne was almost forcibly pulled out of the banquet in plain sight of the crowd.
She tried to break free several times, but the man’s grip was tight enough to dissuade such an attempt.

It was not until they arrived outside that the grip on her wrist slackened. Roxanne pulled away with a grimace and took several steps back to distance
herself from him. “Thank you for your kindness, but I can drive home on my own.

There’s no need to bother you, Mr. Farwell, to see me personally home. Your mother and fiancée are still inside. You should get back in there and
accompany them.” At that, she started toward the manor’s gate while avoiding him.

Initially planning to slip out and return on her own, Roxanne did not expect the situation to escalate to such a degree. She still could not believe that
Lucian was capable of such a feat Roxanne’s mind was a mess. All she wanted was some quiet to herself.

As soon as she strode past Lucian, he caught her wrist again in a grip even tighter than before. Roxanne stopped in her tracks. Suppressing the turmoil in her heart, she looked at the figure beside her with as much calm as she could muster. “Is there anything else, Mr. Farwell?”

Frowning, Lucian found only apathy in her eyes. A trace of displeasure crossed his heart at the thought of her smile when she was conversing with
Larry. “As I said, I want to see my daughter. Dropping you off happens to been route for me.

I want my daughter to sleep early, so please stop wasting time and get in the car.” “I drove here,” Roxanne insisted. “And Catalina is watching them at home. You can go ahead, Mr. Farwell.” His stern face darkened further at her repeated rejections while his eyes filled with anger at her defiance.

“You had a couple of drinks earlier tonight, if I recall correctly. Are you planning to be charged with driving under the influence?”
Roxanne frowned instead of answering immediately. Before she could respond, Lucian grabbed her wrist and took her to the side of the car.

Roxanne could not break free nor refute his reason, He wants to see his daughter, so he’s not going out of his way to send me home.
I would look like a churlish, self-indulgent idiot if I refused him again. Besides, he is right. I did have two drinks at the banquet.

Cayden was already holding the car door for them when the couple arrived, though Roxanne was still somewhat reluctant.
“Weren’t you in a hurry to go home?” Lucian demanded. “Or was that an excuse for not wanting to stay at the banquet?”

Roxanne had no choice but to get in without further delay. Lucian followed closely behind and sat beside her. She silently moved to the
window to distance herself from him, wearing an uncomfortable glower as she did ‘so.

The journey back was spent in complete silence as neither of them spoke a word. Cayden tried his best to diminish his presence by making his
movements as noiseless as possible.

The car was dead silent, Lucian’s eyes darkened at the sight of the woman’s profile through the reflection on the car window.
She was wearing a smile when she spoke to the man at the dinner party earlier. In my presence, she’s wearing such an expression instead.

The more he pondered the matter, the more it stung. Unable to bear the silence any longer, he cleared his throat. “Who is that Mr. Morrison to you?
He mentioned that you know each other well .”Roxanne froze for a moment at the sudden question before glancing at him coldly.

“I don’t think it’s any of your business.” She withdrew her gaze indifferently before turning to look out the window, with obvious intent not to speak again.
The car lapsed once more into silence.

The chill emanating from Lucian was almost tangible. Cayden wished he was anywhere else but in that car. He even breathed
carefully for fear of attracting the attention of his two passengers.

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